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More Fable III DLC on the way, will add New Achievements

Lionhead Studios seem to be quite into this Twitter thing today - first they use it to confirm that they still can't talk about Fable III's PC version, and now they've used it to sneakily confirm that more DLC for the Xbox 360 version of the game is on the way and will include new Achievements to unlock.

Questioned by user eliteedawg420 on why current DLC hasn't added new achievements to the game, Lionhead responded by confirming upcoming DLC will have new achievements packed in. "We will do some DLC with brand new achievements in the future, but small DLC packs don't have them.."

Fable II recieved two major downloadable content packs that bridged the gap between the second and third games - it's likely Fable III will get similar treatment. As always, stick with us for the latest news as it drops and reviews of the DLC when it launches.

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