Warsaw for PC delayed to October 2

Publisher Gaming Company and developer Pixelated Milk have announced that tactical RPG Warsaw will launch for PC on October 2, a delay from its original September 4 date. The Steam store page is here, and the game is also set to release on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Producer Krzysztof Paplinski says with regards to the delay:

"With WARSAW, we wanted to create a game both culturally significant and great to play. With the originally planned release date approaching, we needed a few more weeks in order to deliver the best possible experience for players and to ensure we do our history justice."

As indicated by the title, the game is set during the Warsaw Uprising in Poland in 1944. A new "Headlines" video has also been posted, showing different article titles that have been given about the game so far, which can be found below.

In case you missed it, you can find a gameplay trailer and description of the game here.