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New Link's Awakening Remake footage shows off Chamber Dungeons and Nintendo cameos


During today's Nintendo Direct, we got about a minute of new footage from the impending Link's Awakening Remake. While many facets of the game are one-to-one recreations of the original, today we got a glimpse at a new feature known as the Chamber Dungeon.

During their adventures, players will earn 'chambers', which they can then arrange into a unique sort of modular dungeon. Each room in a Chamber Dungeon can be modified with multiple effects, and dungeons can be saved and shared via compatible Amiibo figures. The gameplay footage also showed off some of the characteristic Nintendo cameos Link's Awakening is known for, such as Pirahna Plants and even Kirby.

We were lucky enough to go hand-on with the Link's Awakening remake during E3 2019. It releases for Nintendo Switch on September 20. 

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remake Screenshots

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