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Project Sakura Wars gets a pair of trailers at Tokyo Game Show 2019, introduces Berlin Revue [Update: Opening Movie]

Update (September 14)

Sega has posted the opening movie to Project Sakura Wars.

Original (September 12)

Kicking off Tokyo Game Show 2019, Sega has posted a pair of new trailers for Project Sakura Wars (titled Shin Sakura Taisen in Japan), coming in the form of both a story and a gameplay trailer.


Sega has also introduced two new characters from the Berlin Revue, designed by Fumikane Shimada (Girls und Panzer). The Revue captain is Elise (voiced by Nana Mizuki) and her second is Margarete (voiced by Rie Kugimiya). Their Spiricle Fighter is known as Eisenjaeger. You can find their bios below.

Additionally, a mysterious new masked character is shown, named Yasha, piloting a mech called Shinmetsu. She is voiced by Chisa Yokoyama, who also voiced Sakura Shinguji in previous Sakura Wars titles.

Check out the new trailers below. 

Story Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

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Project Sakura Wars will be released first in Japan as Shin Sakura Taisen on December 12. The Western localization will follow later in 2020. You can find our previous update on the London Revue characters as well as Hatsuho's & Claris' Spiricle Armors here.

Berlin Revue - Schwarz Stern

A revue tasked with city defenses, based in Berlin, Germany. While their leadership ability is close to that of an army, they can also project high personal battle abilities. Among the revues situated all around the world, this revue is hailed by most people as the strongest one.

Their Spiricle Fighter mech of choice is known as Eisenjaeger, developed from the Spiricle Armor Eisenkleid that was used by the European Star Group in the past. A powerful unit that combines heavy armor with tremendous power, it has the style of a strongman that conquers even the hearts of its enemies.


Elise (voiced by Nana Mizuki)
Captain of the Berlin Revue, 18 years old

Extremely devoted to her assigned mission, she is determined to fight to the bitter end even on difficult missions. Although Elise doesn't speak a lot, she has the leadership and emotional strengths that cannot be agitated by anything. She has a deep interest in Japanese culture and can be often seen visiting the kabuki theater in Tokyo.


Margarete (voiced by Rie Kugimiya)
Member of the Berlin Revue, 15 years old

A genius girl who also works as the planning officer in the Berlin Revue. She is known for her sharp tongue that says what she thinks of in a straight way. Many of her proposed strategies are so difficult it might be impossible to execute; only members of the Berlin Revue are able to do it with their high abilities.



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A high-ranked demon who suddenly appeared at the opening ceremony of the Revue War Games, bringing calamity with her. She is searching for an item called the Imperial Key. She is also known to be piloting a mech known as the Puppet Mechanical Soldier Shinmetsu. While the gigantic mech is much larger than Spiricle Fighters, this mech has quick mobility that makes sport of even Mugen, along with a long sword that can launch intense attacks.

Yasha looks very similar to the former top star of the Imperial Revue's Flower Group. She is also voiced by Chisa Yokoyama, who was also the voice of the aforementioned star in past titles.

Project Sakura Wars


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