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God Eater 3 update 2.00 is available today, adds new episodes for Claire and more

Bandai Namco has today released a new major update to God Eater 3, bringing the game up to Version 2.00. The main highlight of this update is the addition of post-game episodes that delve deeper into the past of your ally characters, starting with Claire. Finishing Claire's new episodes will enhance her Engage effects even further, and it will also raise the upgrade limit of your God Arc parts from 30 to 35.

This update also adds a new, stronger variant of Barbarius called Barbarius Ira, as well as new God Arc parts with more powerful Burst Plugins. It also adds more new costumes and accessories for the player avatar.

Many more updates to GE3 are also being planned in the near future. For instance, they plan to add a player avatar reset feature and a lock-on camera behavior setting in version 2.10, as well as New Game + and Jukebox features in version 2.20. Each update will also add more maximum upgrade limits to God Arc parts in increments of 5.

God Eater 3 update 2.0.0 screenshots


God Eater 3 is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch worldwide. You can read our review of the game right here.

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