Pokemon Black & White sells 5 million units in Japan

First they sold over 2.5 million copies in the first weekend - and now they're breaking even more records - becoming the quickest Nintendo DS game ever to hit 5 million units in Japan.

According to the Japanese chart folks at Enterbrain, Pokemon Black & White has shifted 5,036,724 units in Japan from launch up until January 9th. While four other Nintendo DS titles have reached that magic 5 million number, Pokemon Black and White combined have reached it quicker than any other game in the machine's history.

Nintendo can expect Black and White to do even better in the coming months, as the US and European launches have recently been confirmed and locked-in. It'll arrive on European shores on March 4th, while fans in North America will be able to pick the game up two days later on the 6th.

Check out the first English language trailer below, and see all the screenshots and artworkover in the Media Vault!

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