Mary Skelter 2 - More character profiles, gameplay system details, and Limited Run Games pre-order

Idea Factory has revealed more characters and gameplay system information for Mary Skelter 2, rounding out the cast of characters and detailing several of the dungeon crawling mechanics found in the game.

The publisher has also revealed that while the dungeon crawler will release later this month as a digital title for Nintendo Switch eShop, Limited Run Games will open pre-orders for a physical edition on November 26. The content in the physical version will be identical to the digital version, and the pre-order page will be open at a later date.

Mary Skelter 2 releases for Nintendo Switch eShop on October 22 for $39.99/£35.99 with a 20% launch week discount. You can also check out the Nintendo eShop page or the official website. In case you missed it, you can check out the previously revealed characters, battle system details, and opening movie, as well as the announcement details.

Character Profiles

Mary Skelter 2 Characters

Thumbelina: "Hitsuka" is a title given to aides of the leader in the Order of the Sun. As the oldest of the three sisters, she was formerly a Blood Maiden working with Dawn, but after a certain incident at the Order of the Sun, she, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty defected and returned to the Order of the Sun where they came from. After the incident, she's become suspicious and distrusts anyone outside her circle. She's so obsessed with keeping Snow White and Sleeping Beauty safe that it's begun to push them away.

Snow White: The second oldest of the three sisters serving the Order of the Sun as a Hitsuka. Her kind and thoughtful nature makes her very approachable. It also makes her susceptible to ill will, and can drag her into troubles within the Order. She respects Thumbelina but when she speaks out against her sister's mistrust, they end up fighting. Because of this, she has recently kept to herself in front of Thumbelina, not knowing what might set her sister off.

Sleeping Beauty: The youngest of the three sisters serving the Order of the Sun as a Hitsuka. She is trying her best to become a good Hitsuka, and puts effort into helping her sisters. It seems she is also trying to do her best talking with others, but that doesn't seem to be faring very well. Through her interactions with friends, she begins to think about who she really is. Sometimes, she tries too hard, which leads her to fawn over Otsuu and Little Mermaid.

Cinderella: A Blood Maiden who went missing years ago. Some suspect she's the culprit behind a mysterious murder…

Red Riding Hood: The first Blood Maiden discovered by Dawn. As its first member, she acts like an older sister, leading her unit while she brazenly traverses through the Jail. Her bold approach towards things is somewhat held at bay by Otsuu and Little Mermaid, but she looks at them as being too worrisome. Whatever the case, she is admired by the other Blood Maidens as someone who they could rely on. That is, until that certain day...

Alice: A calm, honest girl that was held in prison with Jack. She was rescued by Otsuu, but on their way back to the Liberated District, she enters Blood Skelter. The bond she has with Jack is sacred to her, and even after Jack changed into a Nightmare, her affection towards him hasn't changed.

Snark?: A being of unknown origin who is said to be the "King of Nightmares." Snark met Professor Tohjima long ago, but has not been seen since.

Mamoru: A boy found during Otsuu's exploration in the underground caverns. Despite his looks, he is a very thoughtful and kind person. He is one of the very few people Otsuu and Little Mermaid encounter that they would consider a friend. He is usually found guarding the base as the gatekeeper, and supports the Blood Maidens as a handyman of sorts. He is also a longtime friend of Hikari, and their lighthearted arguments show it.

Hikari: A girl found during Otsuu's exploration in the underground caverns. Her happy and energetic nature brings smiles to those around her. She is often found at the rescue center where she tends to the survivors and the Marchens working under Hameln.

Itsuki: A young man found during Otsuu's exploration in the underground caverns. Though not as strong as the others, he makes up for it with his intelligence, analyzing tense situations for solutions. He is often found at the laboratory, and is constantly conducting research on the Blood Maidens and the Jail. He is a long-time friend of Kaede, who still, to this day, treats him like a kid.

Kaede: A girl found during Otsuu's exploration in the underground caverns. She's a bit of a spitfire who's quick to pick fights, but is also very reliable and supports the Blood Maidens at their time of need. She is often found at the store where she sells a variety of goods. She can't seem to stop pestering Itsuki, constantly teasing him as if he was a kid.

Takumi: A young man found during Otsuu's exploration in the underground caverns. Somewhat of a narcissist and eccentric, he likes changing speech patterns for some reason. In fact, he changes his way of speech so often that it's hard to tell what his true personality is like. He is often found at the factory where he crafts and strengthens the Blood Maidens' weapons. He acquired this skill after his tenure working at Dawn's factory.

Michiru: "Keep faith, as the Sun God will scorch the heavens to render salvation from the Jail." Under these words, Michiru leads the Order of the Sun. She is called Lady Oohime by her followers, but her real name is Michiru, which she often uses when speaking with the Blood Maidens. She speaks cryptically, but her confusing words possess an odd sort of divinity.

Gameplay Systems


Training - Jobs: Each Blood Maiden has the ability to change into 5 different jobs, which can ultimately alter their abilities, the gear they can equip, and their overall appearance. The Jobs available for each Blood Maiden may differ from other Blood Maidens and it's up to the player to tailor their party to their own liking.  In the case of the main protagonist, Otsuu, she has access to a variety of unique jobs that other Blood Maidens do not have, which allows her to fill in the gaps and weaknesses of a party's setup. Choose from a variety of Jobs and create your own unique party!

Training - Blood Packs: The Blood Maidens can learn special skills from using Blood Packs! Blood Packs can be acquired from Blood Farm harvesting and by finding them in dungeons. Note that you will need to first unlock the Blood Pack's abilities through "Blood Pack Appraisal". Once the blood packs are appraised, you can use them on your Blood Maidens to awaken new powers!

Blood Farm: Inside dungeons, players can raise Blood Flowers - special flowers that can be grown in Blood Farms and fully bloom into special items. Splash Marchen Blood on your Blood Flowers for a higher chance of getting rarer items.

Gifts: Provide Blood Maidens gifts or interior items to increase their affection. Once you reach a certain affection level, a Blood Maiden may give you special items and also unlock special CGs.

Blood Devolution: The Blood Devolution system allows players to reset a Blood Maiden's level to a lower level, so players can level up the character again to gain better stats and skills. While it is beneficial to gain new stats and skills, Blood Devolution can be difficult for players since they will have to relearn skills they've used previously.

Skill Customization: When Blood Maidens level up, they gain CP that can be used to level up skills and learn new ones. Players can also use the skills learned across different jobs, which allows players to craft a unique Blood Maiden!

Training - Skill Creation: When a Blood Maiden levels up, they gain CP, which are points that can be used to level up skills or learn new ones. Blood Maidens also have the ability to learn skills across different jobs, which allows players to craft their very own Blood Maiden. 

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