Kingdom Under Fire II introduces the Ranger class

Gameforge has released the third character spotlight for Kingdom Under Fire II, introducing the Ranger class. This is one of five classes found in this action RPG/RTS hybrid, alongside Spellsword, Berserker, Elementalist, & Gunslinger.

Find an opening movie, gameplay spotlight, and screenshot set below. 

Kingdom Under Fire II is set to release in November for PC. You can find the Gamescom trailer, information, and screenshots here, and a recent cinematic trailer here.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Ranger Opening

Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Character Spotlight: Ranger

Quick, agile, armed to the teeth with her bow and daggers, the Ranger becomes the hand of death, dealing destruction with blinding accuracy to all enemies who cross her path.

Swift and adept in both ranged and melee combat, the Ranger exhibits a fascinating array of skills with daggers, rapidly switching to her bow when necessary to catch enemies at a distance off guard. She inflicts high damage and is particularly adapted to single combat, losing her edge somewhat however when confronted by multiple opponents.

While trying to revive the forest after the invasion of enemy forces, the Elves discovered the Shards of Prophecy. A group of elders gathered together with the goal of tracking down its instigator. In secret, the best elven Rangers were chosen and entrusted with this holy mission. Dispatched to various locations around the world, one such Ranger covertly joined the Azilia Knights to gather intelligence.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Ranger Screenshots