Death end re;Quest 2 set to release on February 13, 2020 in Japan; battle system details & opening movie

Compile Heart has announced that Death End re;Quest 2 will release in Japan on February 13, 2020 for PlayStation 4, and has opened the official Japanese website introducing the main cast of characters and story premise. The publisher also shared the game's opening movie.

Most of this information was previously detailed in Famitsu last July, detailing the story and characters for the RPG. New to the website are more details on the game's battle system. 

Gematsu translated the details about the battle system, which sounds largely like the same mechanics found in the first Death End re;Quest. Find their translation below, alongside some screenshots and artwork.

This game uses a turn-based command battle system. There will be three members in battle, and the order of turns is determined by the speed of each character. At the start of each character’s turn, they are able to move about freely on the field and determine from which direction to attack, so you can choose to perform combos with other characters, or attack from outside the enemy’s range.

—Triact System

The Triact system allows players to take three actions in one turn. Actions include the “Attack,” “Item,” or “Guard” under the “Skill” menu. For example, by chosing “Attack, Guard, Item”, you may attack, guard, and use an item. Through this system, players can enjoy speedy battles with more strategy packed into a single turn.

—Super Knockback

The “Knockback” system from the previous game, which could be used to send enemies flying to deal additional damage, returns as the enhanced “Super Knockback.” By attacking with a skill that has this effect, enemies will fly even further. Determine your attack direction and attack an enemy with a skill that has the Super Knockback effect, and you could blast the enemy into other enemies to deal major damage to several enemies at once.

—Glitch Mode

“Glitch Mode” is an enhancement system provides cheat-class abilities. Each time a Mai and company touch a curse or is attacked, their corruption level increases. If corruption exceeds a certain threshold, characters will transform into “Glitch Mode.” It is easier to activate Glitch Mode this time around compared to the original game, making battles more and more exhilarating. The character’s appearance will change when Glitch Mode is activated.

Death end re;Quest 2 Screenshots and Artwork