Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to PC on December 10

Square Enix announced today that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is coming to PC on December 10. Originally released in the west this summer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the block-building RPG hybrid hits Steam in just a few weeks.

The Steam version of the game will include pre-order bonuses for anyone that purchases it between now and January 6. The following pre-order freebies that were originally pre-order bonuses or free downloads for PlayStation Plus members include:

  • Ornamental Medicinal Herb Recipe - Originally a pre-order bonus
  • Dragon Quest Logo Recipe - Originally a pre-order bonus
  • Ornamental Chimaera Wing Recipe - Originally a pre-order bonus
  • Five Sigil Block Recipes for building decorative blocks with sun, stars, moon, water and soul motifs - Originally a digital deluxe/pre-order bonus
  • Legendary Line Art Recipe - Originally a PlayStation Plus free download
  • Lo-Res Luminary Recipes - Originally a PlayStation Plus free download

This version will also include all of the content added to the game as part of its Season Pass. This includes the Hotto Stuff, Aquarium, and Modernist Packs. The description of these items as well as a nice infographic detailing it all are provided below.

  • Hotto Stuff Pack - Includes more than 40 recipes to help players design and decorate structures in the style of the Hotto Steppe—a popular resting area in a distant land. Players will also gain access to an all-new island with the materials needed to build these new recipes.
  • Aquarium Pack - The world of DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 has become your oyster! A fishing island awaits you, where you can learn how to catch and breed 40 different fish that can be added to your own DIY aquarium. Unlock an additional tool, the fishing rod, as well as customization options and apparel fitting of a water bound adventure.
  • Modernist Pack - This set includes over 70 recipes for modern-looking structures, hairstyles and clothing. Build a luxury hotel, modern condominiums and more with the largest new set of recipes yet.

Check out a description of the game and some PC screenshots. There's also extended details over at the Steam page. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a completely standalone experience that provides the perfect entry point for PC gamers curious to learn more about the story-based building adventure. Players take on the role of a young apprentice builder who washes up on the Isle of Awakening alongside Malroth, a mysterious youth suffering from amnesia. Together, the two explore different islands while developing skills to become a “Master Builder” by helping townsfolk, crafting materials and fighting off enemies.

The evil Children of Hargon are determined to eradicate all creators and have outlawed the building, cooking, and creation of all things. In an attempt to spread their destructive dogma, the calamitous cult captures the builders of the world. All hope seems to be lost until you, a young apprentice builder, manage to escape from the clutches of evil.
After washing up on the shores of the deserted Isle of Awakening, you encounter the spirited Malroth, a mysterious youth with no memory of his past. With the help of your fearless new friend, you embark on a grand adventure to gather the skills required to become a full-fledged builder, but the road you build is paved with peril. Only you can defeat the Children of Hargon, uncover the secrets of Malroth’s past, and unravel the riddles of this mysterious land. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 PC Screenshots and Info