Deck13 and Radical Fish Games provide an update on the Console Versions of CrossCode

Radical Fish Games have provided an update for the ongoing development of CrossCode, both regarding upcoming gameplay content as well as an update on the coming PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Previously planned for release in 2019, the console versions are now expected to land in 2020. Deck13, the game's console publisher, has posted an update which you can check out at the link above, or shared in full down below alongside a new content trailer.

Our review of the 2018 PC release of CrossCode can be found here.

CrossCode - December News-Update Trailer

Recent Progress and upcoming Updates

With the Newgame+ Feature completed we’re now focusing our work on the Post Game DLC that will add a little Epilogue to the current end of CrossCode. Among other things it will feature things like an extended Rhombus Squaremore Quests, and a proper Final Dungeon. And also a few answers to some of the questions you might still have at the end of CrossCode’s story.

Here’s a screenshot without context to give you a little something:


We don’t have a release date for the Post Game DLC yet, as it will still take some time to develop. We’re currently targeting Q2, 2020.

As we’re currently focused on the DLC, we unfortunately don’t have a lot of content ready for regular game update. However, you can expect an upcoming technical update in the next 1-2 weeks, as we plan to update NW.js, the software/engine we use to run CrossCode. We hope that this will fix some of the Crash issues people experience on Linux as well as Memory Leaks on Windows. There will also be a little feature added to that, but more on that later!

Now, a lot of you were most likely waiting for something else from CrossCode this years… those console versions!

As our Publisher Deck13 Spotlight is working on the port, here’s a short message from them about how things are going:

CrossCode for Consoles when?

Greetings everyball,

Michael here from Deck13. Publisher of CrossCode and the folks who are porting the game to consoles. And yes, we’ve been reading your tweets. Your posts on reddit. Your messages on Facebook. The outcalls on Discord. And we’re pretty sure there have been some Tik Tok videos, too. And as promised via Twitter, we’ll talk about the state of the console versions a bit. Also Switch, yes.

First of all: We’re still working on it and we’re making really good progress. That being said, we hoped for a 2019 release earlier this year. And – as you can see – this did not work out as intended. We underestimated the amount of work a bit. Or, in other words, it became… complicated. Especially the performance became a major challenge. Lea would say: Why?

That’s why: CrossCode is written in HTML5. And that means that there is tons of JavaScript. And live compiling it in a Chromium Browser is causing security issues on consoles and is forbidden on most platforms as hackers could attack the hardware through that. So we had to find a solution. Which is basically an interpreter which translates the code but locks it up in a cage. That also means: We had a performance bottleneck. As the code was read by the interpreter and then translated into something the console would understand and then read by the console. It is like watching a movie in a movie in a livestream. Yet: We have it under control now. We’re still ironing out the last issues, fixing some broken bosses and quests (which also have to be interpreted which means the interpreter must be able to read them etc.). But we’re getting there.

More details can be found in this video, where Robert, who is working on the interpreter, is sharing some details:

Sadly, Lea isn’t able to say the word where yet. But the question would be: Where are we at right now? We are currently focusing on testing the Xbox One version of CrossCode. If everything works out as intended, this should be the last major playthrough. We’re hunting the last performance killers, the last broken quests, the last weird behaving enemies. We are close to the first submission. We are already in the optional submissions. Yes, it runs (most times, but we’re working on that) at 60 FPS by now. And yes, it plays as fluid as on PC.

How? How can we not mention Switch. Well, we’re doing it now: We’re focusing on the Xbox right now for no specific reason but just to focus on one platform. Technically, with the way the interpreter is working, the step to other platforms is rather easy from there. Okay, for the Switch we need to do some further optimization, but that’s, compared to the rest, just some minor stuff. After that we’ll “just” need to pass the certifications.

When will CrossCode release on consoles? We’ll announce that once we have a fixed date set. Expect an announcement on a rather short notice here as we are, obviously, also in discussions with the platform holders about that. To shorten the wait, we’ve prepared a small trailer for now: