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Take A Look At Ni no Kuni on the PS3

After a slow start in sales with a critically-lauded DS version that has only recently started to gain some traction, Level-5 has shifted their focus to the PS3 edition of their collaborative effort with Studio Ghibli, called Ni no Kuni: Second Land: The Queen of White Sacred Ash (the DS's title was Second Land: The Jet-Black Mage). 

 This great-looking game offers almost a one-to-one replication of Ghibli's amazing art direction and character designs. Here, we get a chance to see a solid chunk of fresh gameplay footage to tide you all over until we hear the determined date for a Western release, already having been discussed by the company as something they are currently working on. For now, enjoy the great Ghibli visuals and the great Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level-5.

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