Final Fantasy VII Remake leaks: fans beware, as full-game spoilers are now out in force

Square Enix has had a rough start to the new year thanks to the leak of an as-yet unreleased and even unannounced Final Fantasy VII Remake demo - but the bad news is, this leak is a lot more than just a short demo of the game. 

Leaked thanks to unsecured files on PlayStation Network download servers, those with hacked PlayStation 4 consoles have been able to navigate to and download and play the demo, which allows players to experience FF7 Remake's version of the iconic Mako Reactor bombing mission that opens both the original game and the remake. This isn't so bad, as this same section of the game has been shown off both behind-closed-doors and publicly at various gaming shows throughout 2019.

Worse, however, is that fans began data-mining the demo for additional files - and in turn discovered a plethora of information about the final game that has subsequently been leaked onto the internet. These leaks are not small: they encompass everything from lists of the game's weapons and abilities to music tracks, images of characters and outfits not yet formally revealed, details on new mini-games and even screengrabs of cutscenes from right across the game - including what appears to be the final sections of the game.

Cloud prepares to toss a dart into the skull of a dataminer

Naturally, we won't be posting these things, but it's well worth warning all those of you who either haven't played FF7 before or those of you who want to keep the element of surprise around what has been changed and added in this new reimagining of this all-time classic RPG - now might be the time to set up those tweet keyword filters and the like in order to go on spoiler black-out until the game's March 3rd release. While many of us already know the twists and turns of FF7, the idea of the remake's reimagining is still to surprise with changes and additions. 

The leak is arguably the most significant in the RPG world since BioWare accidentally uploaded an incomplete but largely accurate version of Mass Effect 3's script months prior to the game's release. Like the Mass Effect leak, this one allegedly contains story spoilers thanks to the inclusion of cutscene subtitle files from throughout the game. It certainly eclipses the fairly large leaks Kingdom Hearts III saw in the run up to its release a little over a year ago. 

So, users beware. We also honestly don't recommend hunting out the leaks - preserve the surprises! As for the demo, that still hasn't been announced, and it's as-yet unclear if these events will impact the timing of its release. The original Final Fantasy VII's anniversary is coming up on January 31, which seems like an ideal time to push a nostalgia-baiting demo - though who knows what'll happen now. Stay safe from spoilers out there, folks.