Square Enix Europe Confirms The 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition, Voice Cast

Square Enix Europe has formally announced the "Twisted Edition" of the upcoming PSP Action-RPG The 3rd Birthday and also confirmed some of the members of the voice cast for the title.

We reported yesterday on several European retailers listing the game, and Square Enix then told us that an announcement was "coming soon". Clearly, they meant very, very soon.

In today's announcement, Square Enix confirmed that the Twisted Edition pack will be released as the standard version of the game to encourage gamers to pick it up. It'll include a 48 page hardback book with concept artwork and illustrations, two Lithograph art prints of leading lady Aya Brea and an unlock code that'll allow Lightning to dress up as Aya Brea in the upcoming Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy.

Square Enix also revealed two known-names cast in the title as major characters. Yvonne Strahovski is to take the role of Aya. She's famed for her role in the TV series Chuck, but RPG Site readers will likely already know her as the face and voice of Mass Effect 2's Miranda. Casting her is no bad thing, as Mass Effect 2 won our award for Voice Cast Performance of the Year in 2010. Also cast is Jensen Ackles as the mysterious Kyle Madigan.

Check out the 'blown up' image of the Twisted Edition contents below.