Azur Lane Crosswave releases on February 13 in North America, February 21 in Europe

Idea Factory International has announced that Azur Lane Crosswave will launch on February 13 in North America and on February 21 in Europe for PlayStation 4. The Steam version will release on February 13.

The publisher also announced that Neptune from the Neptunia series will be available as a free download for both versions for a month after release. The company continues to update the official website with the many characters found within the game.

Neptune is the CPU of Planeptune, a nation in Gamindustri. She was summoned to this world for some reason. Her happy-go-lucky attitude and overall personality are set to full throttle as usual. She has visited many worlds and dimensions before, and this time, it looks like she's teaming up with the girls of this world in order to offer them her full support.

The Steam version of the game will be available with a launch discount and several bundles available. Idea Factory's description of the bundles can be found below. You can find more information about the game in the announcement post, as well as information about limited editions.

Steam users can save 20% with a weeklong launch discount on the main game and Deluxe Pack! There will also be three bundles available that will include a permanent 10% discount: DLC Bundle, Deluxe Bundle, and Complete Bundle. The Deluxe Pack is also included free with the Azur Lane: Crosswave Steam Limited Edition available for purchase on the
IFI Online Store.

The Deluxe Pack includes:

  • PC Wallpapers (x5 designs available in 1280x720, 1600x1900, 1920x1080)
  • Soundtrack (x16 tracks)
  • Azur Lane: Crosswave Desktop Theme
Azur Lane Crosswave