Kingdom Hearts III - Free Update Version 1.07 out now, adds Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades

Square Enix has released update version 1.07 for the PlayStation 4 version of Kingdom Hearts III, which adds some free content as well as prepares the game for the upcoming Re Mind DLC.


The update's primary additions are that of two new keyblades for Sora to use: Oathkeeper and Oblivion. In order to get these two blades, you need a special key item for each. For Oathkeeper, you need the Proof of Promises, which is the reward for collecting all 90 Lucky Emblems in the game. For Oblivion, you need the Proof of Times Past, which is given in a Critical Mode file when you clear the game. We have a guide on how to get both located below. 

How to get the new Oblivion and Oathkeeper Keyblades added in the update

In order to get the Oblivion Keyblade, you'll need to beat Kingdom Hearts III on Critical difficulty. Doing this will give whichever save file you completed Critical Mode on the Proof of Times Past item. This item can then be traded in at any Moogle Shop to get instant access to the Oblivion Keyblade. 

Getting the Oathkeeper Keyblade is a bit simpler, although just as time-consuming. You'll need the Proof of Promises item, which is rewarded after finding all 90 Lucky Emblems in the game. Keep in mind that if you want both Keyblades in one file, then you'll need to have a completed critical save with all 90 Lucky Emblems found. 

Both keyblades can be upgraded at the Moogle shop just like any other keyblade, and will be good complements to follow up Sora's Ultima Weapon in his three-keyblade arsenal. The keyblades have a form-change to Light Form and Dark Form for Oathkeeper and Oblivion respectively. Each can then form change to Double Form, in which Sora can wield both keyblades at once. There are also a couple of new shotlocks to test out.

Check out our full keyblade guide if you need to know how to get every other keyblade in the game including how to craft Ultima Weapon! If you now need to upgrade these new keyblades, have no fear - we've got a full Synthesis Materials List with locations, too.


Update 1.07 also adds a few new skills to Sora's repertoire, which we've listed below:

  • Quick Slash - Strike a nearby target with a quick upward slash
  • Flash Step - Charge a faraway target while blocking
  • Radial Blaster - Launch blade projectiles at nearby enemies
  • Aerial Sweep - Launch a horizontal spinning attack toward a target high above
  • Aerial Dive - Launch a vertical spinning attack toward a target down below
  • Last Charge - Unleash a devasting blow. Your magic stat determines the damage. (Combo Finisher)