Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous shows off first gameplay footage with 360-degree camera and details Mythic Paths

The previously announced Kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has gone live, and with it comes new details about the game's Mythic Paths system, a new 360-degree camera option, and our first glimpse at gameplay for the follow-up to 2018's Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Along with launching the Kickstarter, developer Owlcat Games has also provided a 6-minute video with both a cinematic trailer as well as developer commentary about the scope and vision for the project, alongside some snippets of gameplay demoing some of the 360-degree camera capability. 

One the primary features of Wrath of the Righteous is that of Mythic Paths, which have been adapted from the tabletop campaign to best fit the CRPG mechanics, and will act as an additional layer of character creation which will affect both the gameplay and story. The Kickstarter page also details the Crusade system where players will "gather troops, reinforce your stronghold, and send your armies to battle the demonic invasion".

Here are the details of each Mythic Path, as described by Owlcat. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is due out for PC via Steam and GOG in 2021.

The Angel is a mighty champion of good, leading the Crusade by example. They move across the battlefield on their mighty wings, smiting the demons with a sword of holy flame. Those who are fighting alongside the Angel are certain that they will be protected and healed - and even resurrected in the case of their untimely demise. In times of dire need the Angel can ask Heaven for help and celestial allies will join them in battle.

The Lich is an immortal creature, commanding their own army of undead. Even the mightiest adversaries the Lich defeats can be raised as slaves under the Lich’s command. Eventually, this master of undeath and necromancy can even replace their mortal companions with powerful undead minions they create. They master the art of magic - especially necromancy - and wield an armament of unique and especially powerful spells like death realm.

The Aeon is a cosmic judge of balance - Judge Dredd meets Merlin on a cosmic scale. They can sense where the balance is broken and fix it, often punishing the perpetrator in the process. The cool thing about the Aeon is that they can detect places where the balance was greatly disturbed in the past and travel back in time to fix it. In doing so, they can change their current timeline, usually for the better.

The Trickster is a Loki-type character. They are here to have fun and play jokes on even the mightiest creatures. One of their late-game abilities is an understanding that their fate is determined by random chance, like the roll of a die of destiny. Armed with such knowledge, the Trickster can manipulate those die rolls in their favor. Every time the system rolls a natural 1 for them, the Trickster changes it into a natural 20. And players will be able to see it happening before their eyes.

Impulsive and irrepressible, Demons do as they please with no regard for the opinion of others. The Demon is the epitome of rage; a little push is all that is needed to break their self-control and turn them into a force to be feared - by enemies and friends alike. It is up to the Demon to decide whether to allow the inner beast to take control, or to fight it, chain it, force it into obedience.

When a war has been raging for over a hundred years such as the crusades have, one must be ready to make unexpected moves to achieve victory. Some may claim that Azatas act first and think later, but tell that to the demon hordes, trampled and fleeing in terror from this unstoppable force for good. The Azata trust their instincts and makes spontaneous decisions. They easily befriend those who don't fit well into even rows of the "official" crusade, and inspire their allies to fight rather than command them to do so. That makes Azatas the heroes these demon-ravaged lands so dearly need.

You also have the option to decline all celestial powers and walk the path of the Legend - a human capable of great deeds. The acts of a mortal are sometimes more inspiring than those of any deity. Several gods of Golarion were humans before they ascended to godhood, including the crusade’s patron deity, Iomedae. One need not be a mythic creature, an outsider, or one of the goddesses's chosen to become a hero. This path may be a hard one, full of temptation, but the mortal who treads it rightly earns their title: Mythic Legend.