Outward 'The Soroboreans' DLC announced, surpasses 600K units sold

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio have announced the first paid DLC pack for survival action RPG Outward, titled The Soroboreans. While no price has been given, it's set to release this Spring,

This DLC pack doesn't seem to include new playable content in terms of a new area to explore or bosses to take on, but it does add several new mechanical systems into the existing game. A free update released late last year did add to some new postgame bosses and content, however.

Update (February 21): Deep Silver has also announced that Outward has sold 600,000 units worldwide. 

Find an overview and some screenshots below via Deep Silver.


You have battled your way through the landscape, dedicated yourself to your favourite faction and died countless times. Now it’s time to grab your backpack, pick up where you left off, and venture forth in this new hard hitting DLC.

Filled to the brim with content and new features that will add a breath of fresh air to your game, “The Soroboreans” DLC will get you worried about a lot more than starving to death, dehydration, losing your backpack and… well everything else! Check-out below for a tease of some new features, and stay tuned for more info, including new Dev. Diaries with a lot more detail coming soon!

  • Corruption: Hungry, thirsty and cold. A terrible situation to be in, but one you often find yourself in while playing! If that wasn’t enough for you now your character can get corrupted. The level of corruption affects you in different ways and if you can’t shake it you could meet an untimely end. The world just got a whole lot scarier!
  • Enchantments: What’s better than your favourite weapon by your side? What about your favourite weapon with a whole new effect on it! Weapons and Trinkets will now be able to be changed with the new enchanting system!
  • New Skills and Status Effects: Introducing new skills and status effects for your character. These will help with the new situations you find yourself in with the corruption affects. These add a new element to the game and can completely change your gameplay. Time to start a new character?
Do you have enough Travel Rations for this one?
Outward The Soroboreans DLC Screenshots
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