Persona 5 Royal - 'Morgana’s Phantom Thief Crash Course' overview video

Atlus West has released a 'Morgana’s Phantom Thief Crash Course' video for Persona 5 Royal, giving an overview of the game as well as touching on some of the new elements found in the re-release.

We recently had a chance to go hands-on with Persona 5 Royal, and you can check out some of the things we saw in our preview.

Check out the video below, narrated by our favorite not-a-cat phantom thief. Persona 5 Royal is set to release for PlayStation 4 on March 31.

Morgana's Phantom Thief Crash Course is available now on the official ATLUS West channel.

The trailer covers a ton of Persona 5 Royal highlights, including:

  • What is a Persona?
  • New foes/New Persona
  • What does a Phantom Thief do? 
  • New puzzles in Palaces
  • Grappling hook feature
  • Jose/Mementos 
  • New confidants/Maruki 
  • New locations: Kichijoji
  • Thieves Den