Final Fantasy III for Steam and mobile devices gets an update adding a gallery mode and sped-up auto battle

Square Enix has released a new update for Final Fantasy III on both Steam and mobile devices.

These versions of the game now include a Gallery Mode and an Auto battle function, which also doubles the speed in battle. The Steam version also has additional UI tweaks and support for a 21:9 aspect ratio. New language options are also available.

A new trailer can be found below (though it frankly doesn't show much of the updates) as well as an overview of the update content via the game's Steam page. The game is also currently on sale for $7.99, 50% off.

  • Completely new interface
    • Gamepad compatibility has been optimized.
    • Small adjustments to keyboard, mouse, and touch panel operations have also been made.
  • Full-screen now available
    • Full-screen display now available until 21:9.
    • Gallery Mode Added: illustrations of the game, characters, and settings documets can be seen. Additionally, the entire soundtrack can be listened to.
    • Auto-battle Function Added: Players can now switch to auto-battle mode, which allows battles to take place at twice the speed. In auto-battle, characters will repeat the last action they were doing.
    • The follow language settings are available:
      • Chinese (Simplified)
      • Chinese (Traditional)
      • Korean
      • Thai
      • Japanese
    • Small bugs have been fixed.

    To celebrate this update, for a limited time you can purchase FINAL FANTASY III for 50% off and bring light to the world once again.