VVVtunia set to release in Japan on July 2, new gameplay and screenshots

Following its announcement last Fall, Idea Factory has opened the official website for VVVtunia, the latest entry in the Neptunia franchise. The publisher also announced that VVVtunia will release in Japan for PlayStation 4 on July 2.

VVVtunia features both the series' common Gamindustri Goddesses and a new set of V-Idol characters who must save Planet EMO from annihilation. In combat, the Goddesses will be controlled as if the game is a third-person shooter, while the V-Idols are controlled in a more melee-action combat gameplay style. The player can switch between the characters at any time. Three of the field areas introduced in the game include NeoTube - a country where video distribution is thriving, Cookunia - a country full of gourmet food, and Novelia - a country centered on books.


The characters introduced on the website include:

Gamindustri Goddesses

  • Neptune: The Gamindustri protagonist who is the guardian goddess of Planetune. Her forward-looking nature is still intact even in spin-offs and side stories. The "Protagonist of protagonists" that pulls anything around her with her bright and very high tension. She likes anime and games, and many of her lines are based on those.
  • Noire: The guardian goddess of Lastation. She has a serious personality and pride higher than others. She is desperately harsh against Neptune, but she's a model tsundere can't be honest with her close friends.
  • Blanc:  The guardian goddess of Lowee. A bookworm who is basically quiet and doesn't talk much. She's actually easy to get triggered; if her stress piles up, she completely changes like a different person that speaks and acts very rudely. She often has a debate with Vert on breast sizes.
  • Vert: The guardian goddess of Leanbox. The most mature-looking out of the four Goddesses, she is known for her very long blonde hair and large breasts. She has a polite tone, and people can feel her tolerance, but she is actually a heavy game otaku who loves all kinds of games.


  • Me: One of the two V-Tuber protagonists. She is a new V-Tuber under the Mewtral unit with You. A bright and forward-looking girl who can show a lot of expressions, although she also has a crude side. She isn't afraid to challenge anything
  • You: The other V-Tuber protagonist who, just like Me, is a new V-Tuber under the Mewtral unit aspiring to be Virtual Idols. She acts cool at peaceful times, but if there is something pleasant, she may break the act due to the undulation in her feelings. She also has another side where she naturally speaks an abusive language.
  • Licht: A big sister-type who looks tolerant like an angel... but she actually has a sadistic dark side. She enjoys teasing Vice.
  • Vice: A virtual unit who performs with Licht. Although this girl is like a demon who often expresses herself high-handedly, she is actually kind.
  • Mauli: A candid and broad-minded gal who usually reacts to things with a laugh. Although she may look halfhearted, she's actually very serious and says what she wants to say very bluntly.
  • Kili: Mauli's partner. Although she has a negative thought and gloomy personality, some kind of cue will turn her personality to pompous, cool, positive, and talkative.


  • Fair: The network goddess of Planet EMO. She has a serious and kind personality filled with love, suitable for her role as a goddess. But she also has a careless side where she hurries and sometimes makes mistakes when she's happy. She is the one who called the Gamindustri Goddesses and V-Tubers to become saviors of the planet.
  • Nor: The elder brother of Dear who lives in Neotube, a country in Planet EMO, he aspires to become an idol producer. He absorbs various knowledge from content outside VirtuaLand. The encounter with Me & You, who are real V-Tubers, will change him.
  • Dear: The younger sister of Nor. She doesn't know how to deal with her brother's obsession with idols. Although she doesn't think his dream of becoming a producer will come true, she does see a dream where he will someday actually perform as one.

VVVtunia also has a Guest Connect System, where famous VTubers that exist in Japan will appear in this game as guests. They will become involved in an incident happening within the virtual world, captured by the enemy, and converted into objects called V-Cubes. Rescuing the guest VTubers by defeating the enemy that captured them will let you obtain these V-Cubes, which can be used to have them show up and assist the Four Goddesses and V-Idols in battles.

As previously revealed, VVVtunia also has a Beat Tik system, where Neptune and other characters can be accessorized and dance to the beat.

Find a gameplay promotional video, screenshots, character art & renders, and a list of guest VTubers below. VVVtunia has yet to be announced for an English localization.

VVVTunia Screenshots

Guest VTubers

Updated July 16

VTubers with Major Roles

  • Ileheart (Has a role in the story)
  • Towa Kiseki (DLC playable character)
  • Kizuna AI (DLC playable character)


  • Tokino Sora
  • Roboco-san
  • Sakuramiko
  • Shirakami Fubuki
  • Minato Aqua
  • Yuzuki Choco
  • Inugami Korone
  • Shirogane Noel
  • Houshou Marine

Game Club Project

  • Yumesaki Kaede
  • Kazami Ryo
  • Sakuragi Miria
  • Domyoji Haruto

Aogiri High School

  • Otodama Tamako
  • Minazuki Natsuki
  • Ishikari Akari


  • Akatsuki Uni
  • Maou Magurona
  • Tomari Mari
  • Todoki Uka
  • Sifir Esirer
  • Tenjin Kotone
  • Pinkypop Hepburn
  • Inuyama Tamaki
  • Hibiki Ao
  • Ponpoko
  • Peanut-kun
  • Lonely Nightmare
  • Virtual Mr. Heart

Asano Sisters Project

  • Asano Akane
  • Asano Ruri

Horror Academian

  • Medwin Tris
  • Asakura Peace
  • Iwashimizu Kotoko


  • Isabella Holly
  • Katya Uranova
  • Seika Li
  • Xi Mo
  • Tamamo Jinguji
  • Rose Barrett

Electronic Fairy Project

  • Hikariya Kagaya
  • Kato Beni
  • Nagareru Ao
  • Hanakusa Fushigi
  • Kitsunebi Shirono
  • Kitsunebi Kurono


  • Hizuki Miu
  • Mitsuru Gilia
  • Kogure Piyoko


  • Inside-chan Mark 1
  • Inside-chan Mark 2
  • THEe a.k.a. Inside-chan Mark 3

Showroom Appearance Competition Event Winners

  • Tsumugine Rei
  • Minase Shia
  • Ichijo Aria
  • Shirayuki Mashiro
Guest Vtubers