Adventure RPG Baldo to release in Summer 2020 for Nintendo Switch

During today's Nintendo Indie World presentation, Italian developer Naps Team announced that adventure RPG Baldo will release for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2020. The game has also been announced for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC at a later date. Baldo is described as an adventure RPG with an open-world and gameplay focus on solving puzzles.

Find Baldo in the Indie World showcase, a description, and a screenshot set below. You can find the Nintendo Switch store page here. We've also embedded an announcement trailer from June 2019 for a further look at the game.

March 2020 Indie World Showcase (jump to 2:00)

June 2019 Announcement Trailer

Baldo from Naps Team: Meet many weird and funny characters and become immersed in the amazing world of Baldo, an action-adventure RPG full of puzzles, intriguing gameplay mechanics and intricate dungeons to solve spread through a wide, interactive open world. Baldo launches first on Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive this summer.

Baldo Screenshots and Artwork