Pixel Art Action RPG Eldest Souls to launch this Summer for Nintendo Switch

During today's Nintendo Indie World presentation, Fallen Flag Studios announced that Eldest Souls will launch on Nintendo Switch this Summer alongside the previously announced PC version. Eldest Souls is a pixel-art action RPG, described as a 'boss-rush battler' with an apparent inspiration to the souls-like genre.

Find the clip from today's showcase below, alongside a description and screenshot set. The Nintendo Switch eShop page is here.

March 2020 Indie World Showcase (jump to 14:27)

It all ended with one sword, ancient gods and endless deaths.

In the beginning, there were Gods. Long imprisoned and forgotten in the Temples of the Citadel, they have syphoned the life essence from the world in their final act of vengeance. A lone Knight embarks upon a quest to slay the Gods and restore the balance. One warrior. One sword. Against them all. 

Eldest Souls is a challenging “souls-like”, pixel-art boss-rush game. The Old Gods have long been imprisoned. Humanity has prospered. Great Kingdoms have arisen from the now forsaken temples of worship. But no longer…


The Old Gods: Slaying Gods is no easy task. Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by brutal, challenging encounters, in which Only the most unrelenting will make it through.

Dying world: Explore and discover the mysterious, ancient Citadel. Prison of the Old Gods, this monument of the Human’s triumph has long be forgotten, and something dark has taken root deep within its mazes.

Progress & Adapt: Every encounter will the Old Gods will be a unique, new challenge. Claim their power, unlock various Talents and Abilities, and slay them all.

Eldest Souls