Anshar Studios opens Kickstarter campaign for cyberpunk RPG Gamedec

Anshar Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Gamedec, an isometric cyberpunk RPG where the player solves crimes committed in virtual worlds. The developer is seeking an additional amount of at least $50,000 in crowdfunding.

Anshar Studios states on the Kickstarter page that development of the game will proceed regardless of the Kickstarter's success.

Why Kickstarter?

What is crucial for us, is to gather feedback about our project and to develop it according to community opinions. That is why we decided to reach out for community support.  We were hoping you could help us make a great game! This Kickstarter campaign will have an additional impact on how much more we can add to the game before its release. Also, it will let us collect some extra funds to expand Gamedec further and add some additional features that we were always dreaming of.

Risks and challenges

The game will be released no matter what. We’re deep into development, design, and programming and we’re having too much fun to cancel the project which brings us so much joy and fulfillment. It’s the most ambitious project we’ve ever made in-house – it’s a game we always wanted to make. In case of any delays in physical items production because of COVID-19, we will inform the backers instantly via updates/newsletters, but as of today, there is no real reason to estimate that.

Find a Kickstarter video, a 10-minute gameplay walkthrough, and a screenshot set below. Gamedec is set to release this year for PC via Steam with console versions in consideration. For more information, you can check out the announcement trailer and details.

Gamedec - Kickstarter Video

Gamedec – Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Twisted & Perverted

Gamedec Screenshots