Bravely Default II shows new trailer, character art and more

While previously revealed at the Game Awards, Nintendo announced in the direct from today that Bravely Default II has an official demo available today. The Direct also showed off a new trailer, which can be found below. The trailer introduces the story and characters of Bravely Default II while also explaining combat and how jobs work. 

In this follow-up to the original Bravely Default, four new Heroes of Light embark on a grand and glorious mission guided by the elemental crystals. Like the first game, Bravely Default II features a battle system that emphasizes strategy, with players deciding when to attack (Brave) or hold back and wait for the right moment to strike (Default). With beautiful places to explore and new jobs to acquire, some of which can even be combined, Bravely Default II is another epic RPG in the Nintendo Switch library.

Bravely Default II Screenshots and Artwork