Level-5 announces Yo-Kai Gakuen Y for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Level-5 has announced Yo-Kai Gakuen Y, a school-life RPG set to release for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in Japan this Summer. The game is based on a new anime movie and subsequent TV series that recently began airing in Japan. The game will also have some special bonus for connecting with Yo-Kai Watch 4 on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, but details are yet to be stated.

While characters in the Yo-kai Watch games/series use the eponymous item to summon friendly Yo-Kais to fight against evil and solve problems, in Yo-kai Gakuen Y, characters wear a YSP (Yokai Special Power) Watch, which can summon apparitions and have the wearer transform into Yo-Kai Heroes. The game's theme is "transforming hero show that takes place in a school life", where the cast solve mysteries surrounding the school while battling dangerous Yo-Kai that appear.

Find an overview of the characters and some screenshots below. The official website is here.



  • Jinpei Jiba: He's very energetic and will instantly sing a rap. The large red cat is his apparition Bakeera that will inhibit him to transform into Swordmaster Benimaru who cleaves evil with vivid sword moves and quotes.
  • Sandayuu Koma: The laid-back long-time friend of Jinpei. His apparition is a small armadillo called Komajiro that can inhibit him to transform into Little Commander who fights with his brains and has an ability to shrink his own body.
  • Mera Raido: The red fire-haired guy is also known as the school's gang leader who once had a fight with Jinpei but lost to him. He would later consider Jinpei as his big brother and join the latter's YSP Club. The tall black guy Kazuma Shishiguro is his apparition, who will fuse with him to transform into Shishioh that can overwhelm enemies with martial arts.
  • Fubuki Himekawa: The only girl in YSP Club. Her hobby is inventing and producing various gadgets. A certain incident will awaken her YSP power. The apparition Brocken Clock will inhibit her to transform into Clock Lady who can control time.
  • Ryuusuke Kyubi: A senior who is hugely popular among female students, although Ryusuke himself is also infamously known for falling in love too deeply with Natsuki Enra who works in the school infirmary. The fox apparition Izuna will inhibit him to transform into the agile Ninetail.
  • Matarou Tamada: Despite having no YSP power, he joined the YSP club because he somehow often helped with solving cases related to apparitions. He really likes and admires hero shows.
Yo-Kai Gakuen Y Screenshots & Artwork