Fairy Tail introduces Ultear, Lyon, Flare, Minerva and new guild details

Koei Tecmo America and developer GUST Studios have revealed new details, screenshots and a trailer for their upcoming magical RPG, Fairy Tail, that introduces four new guest characters and information on how guilds will work outside of battle. The new cast additions include:

  • The "Arc of Time User,’" Ultear Milkovich, from the Crime Sorcière guild
  • The "Ice-Make Wizard," Lyon Vastia, from the Lamia Scale guild
  • The "Burning Hair Wizard," Flare Corona, from the Raven Tail guild
  • "Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady," Minerva Orland

These characters are not playable, but will automatically support you in battle.

You can find more information on these new characters and guilds below. Fairy Tail is set to be released in North America on June 26 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and on June 25th for Windows PC via Steam. You can also find previously revealed characters here, here and here

During Fairy Tail’s gripping narrative, players will team-up with a range of guest characters from other guilds across Magnolia to take on common enemies. These fan-favorite characters are ready to team-up and support your party in battle. And while guest characters are not playable, they will instead join your party and automatically perform a range of powerful magic abilities – including those featured in the anime and manga!

The guild’s famed hall becomes a key meeting point for party members to prepare for upcoming quests. Inside the guild, items are available for sale and trade – including consumable items, Lacrima, and a variety of materials at the item shop. There’s even a selection of drinks at the bar that provide different status effects to party members. By saving up gold and purchasing upgrades for the guild, an increased inventory of items and drinks are available for purchase, and the appearance of the guild itself becomes increasingly more extravagant.

Within the guild hall, players are also able to talk to their comrades and challenge them to thrilling one-on-one duels, with the winner receiving rewards based upon the character they just defeated. Players are also able to find members of other guilds across Magnolia and challenge them to duels!

Fairy Tail Screenshots