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Fable III gets PC Date, new DLC, Mobile Spin-Off

Microsoft have announced that Fable III is to launch on PC in the US on May 17th, also confirming that the British-made RPG is to get some new downloadable content and a mobile phone game for Windows Phone 7 in the coming month.

The annoucements were made at Microsoft's February gaming showcase in San Francisco, revealing the title of the next Fable III add-on as Traitor's Keep. It'll be available on Xbox Live Marketplace from March 1st for 560 Microsoft Points, and continues the journey of the hero by providing players with three new levels to venture into. Those new areas will include new quests, characters and items, and come with an extra 250 gamerscore to be earned from that content.

Meanwhile, two new Fable releases were confirmed, as mentioned above - the first being the much-anticipated PC version of Fable III. That'll now launch on May 17th in the US, and comes packed in with full 3D functionality for the PC version and a new 'Hardcore' difficulty setting for those who found the 360 version to be too easy - which, for our money, will be almost everyone.

Fans will be pleased to hear the PC version is still coming with improvements attached; many feared that the game was as good as cancelled when it was delayed back in August 2010 - and Lionhead's unwillingness to comment as recently as January only made matters worse.

The second release is a Windows Phone 7 title called Fable III Coin Golf. This is a simple mini-game based on some traditional pub games, and lets you transfer any gold you earn on the go on your mobile back to your Fable III profile on Xbox 360 or PC to use with your hero in Albion. If you pick up the Traitor's Keep DLC, owning Coin Golf will also unlock three exclusive weapons for you to use.

Microsoft's February Showcast was fairly lacklustre on quite a few levels, but fans of Fable can leave the event knowing they got more out of it than fans of most of Microsoft's other major franchises. We'll bring you all the latest Fable news as we get it, as always.

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