Death end re;Quest 2 details main cast and locations

Idea Factory International has detailed the main cast of characters and key locations found in Death end re;Quest 2. We are introduced to Mai, Rottie, Liliana, and Shina, who returns from the first game. While Death end re;Quest 2 does have some returning characters from its predecessor, the developers at Compile Heart stated that you do not have to have played the original to enjoy the storyline.

Check out the information below via Idea Factory International. Death end re;Quest 2 is set to release later this year for PlayStation 4 and PC. For more details on the game, check out the teaser trailer or announcement post.



Mai Toyama

A girl living at the Wordsworth Women’s Dormitory, an orphanage located in Le Choara. Mai’s troubled background begins with the death of her father. Abandoned and orphaned, Mai is discovered in her home by a social worker. Mai’s quiet, gloomy disposition makes it difficult to cope with the loss of her family. She is extremely intelligent but has no formal education, resulting in an imbalance between her knowledge and emotions, which occasionally leads to unexpected outbursts.


Rotten Dollheart

A girl living at the Wordsworth Women’s Dormitory in Le Choara. She goes by the nickname “Rottie.” Many of her classmates see her as bright, kind, and sophisticated. Apart from being caring and attentive to her friends, she wields a curious mind. Solving riddles is one of her favorite hobbies. Her vivacious personality can be intense. She seems very interested in Mai.


Liliana Pinnata

A young girl living in the Wordsworth Women’s Dormitory in Le Choara. She believes her father's cause of death to be demonic possession. His death devastated her mother, who began abusing Liliana to cope with the pain. Her family's demise inspired her to become an exorcist. She is youthful, but eloquent. Deep down, she longs to see her mother once more.


Shina Ninomiya

A former game designer who worked for the Japanese company, Enigma Games. With the help of Arata Mizunashi, she helped create the VRMMORPG, “World’s Odyssey.” She is aware of the world’s degraded state after the events of the previous game thanks to Arata’s assistance. Years after the completion of World’s Odyssey, Arata went missing. Shina is believed to have gone searching for him...

Story - Keywords


Le Choara

An unassuming rural town hidden in a remote part of Eastern Europe. Once regarded for its gorgeous lakeshore, its population and glory have faded. Many of its homes have been abandoned. Today, only fifty inhabitants take up residence here. In the center of town sits the church of El Strain, which neighbors the Wordsworth Women's Dormitory.

Breaking the nightly curfew is strictly forbidden. Under the bright moonlight, monsters most foul and odious await victims upon which to feast. If brave souls who wander in the night value their lives, then it is better to run than face the monsters head-on.



An all-girl's dormitory for troubled and orphaned young women where Mai and her classmates live, attend classes, and learn about the town's history. Only when students begin to disappear do Mai and her friends begin to see how the humble institution is not all that it seems.


El Strain

A monotheistic faith which seemingly governs the affairs of Le Choara. Their doctrine preaches togetherness and compassion, but the townspeople do not force newcomers to abide by their faith. It is led by the Bishop, one of the town's leading figures.