Compile Heart delays VVVtunia and Mary Skelter Finale releases in Japan

Compile Heart announced with a single press release that they are delaying the Japanese releases of VVVtunia and Mary Skelter Finale. VVVtunia's release date is changed from July 2 to August 6, while Mary Skelter Finale gets delayed from August 27 to October 8.

VVVtunia is an action RPG spinoff of the Neptunia series where the four Gamindustri goddesses are summoned to a virtual content world and cooperate with V-Idols and existing Japanese Virtual Youtubers to fend off an invasion by content destroyers known as Anti, while Mary Skelter Finale is the last game in the dungeon crawler RPG series where protagonists from the first two games are grouped up with more new allies for a climax in the trilogy.


To compensate for the delays, VVVtunia has 8 DLC bikini costumes that were originally planned to be sold as paid DLC but will be now made free temporarily for 2 weeks after its actual release on August 6. Compile Heart is also extending the duration of Mary Skelter Finale's pre-order campaign from June 30 to July 31, where the number of pre-orders and support tweets will gradually unlock more pre-order bonuses like stretch goals.

Mary Skelter Finale