New Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection Screenshots, Trailer

We've just added a bunch of screenshots and a new trailer from the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection to the site as the game approaches its Japanese launch later this month.

The screenshots show off parts of the scenarios from both Final Fantasy IV and its sequel The After Years, while the trailer offers a brief glimpse into the newly added chapter that slots between the two titles and fills in some of the missing story.

There's also a few new bits of artwork which show off the CGI renders of some of the major cast including Cecil, Kain and Ceodore. We've popped those into the artwork section of the Media Vault.

Europe just had a special edition of the game announced, which comes with a bunch of extra stuff including unlocks for Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy. The Japanese version comes with an extra costume for Cecil in that game.

Check out the screens and trailer below and remember you can see all of the screenshots, artwork and videos of Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection released so far - including the English ones - in the Media Vault.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Screenshots

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