The Iron Oath - Official Reveal Trailer and Gameplay Interview from IGN Expo

During today's IGN Expo Day 2 streaming event, Curious Panda Games offered a reveal trailer for pixel-art RPG The Iron Oath.

In a later interview held on stream, the development team discussed the game's turn-based combat on a hexagonal grid, character variety/recruitment, the larger world structure, and more.

Find the trailer and interview below. The Iron Oath is set to release for PC later this year. For more information, you can check out the announcement information.

Official Reveal Trailer

Manage your own mercenary company in this bloody tactical RPG featuring gruesome spells and attacks, a dynamic and shifting overworld, and many mysteries to be uncovered.

The Iron Oath tactical RPG may have found its humble start on Kickstarter, but The Iron Oath is coming out soon and fans of pixel art rpgs should definitely check it out. The Iron Oath game trailer is full of The Iron Oath gameplay which highlights its in-depth team management controls and tactical turn based combat.

Gameplay Interview