Raw Fury announces turn-based mech RPG Wolfstride for PC via Steam

During the Guerrilla Collective day 2 stream, Raw Fury showcased a debut trailer for Wolfstride, turn-based combat RPG with mech management. The game is set to release for Steam in 2021, and the official website is here.

Developer by a Brazilian team at Ota Imon Studios, Wolfstride is an anime-inspired mech RPG where an unlikely trio teams up to compete in the Ultimate Mech Tournament. You'll not only have to out-match your opponents in battle, but also manage your mech through repair budgeting and customization.

Find the trailer, description, and screenshot set below via Raw Fury.

An exiled ex-Yakuza, a rookie combat pilot, and a grizzled mechanic team up to compete in the Ultimate Mech Tournament. Use skills and weapons to defeat other mechs in turn-based tactical combat. Make your way to the top by managing repairs, upgrading weapons, and learning new moves. Get to know the locals in a world caught between the last gasps of a simpler time and the shimmering metal of a sprawling metropolis. Build relationships, get job offers, and make that money to fight another day.

Fight: Battle opponents in a classic turn-based combat system. Use Movement Points to outmaneuver opponents. Spend action points to deliver precision strikes and crushing blows. Hone your piloting abilities to dominate the battlefield.

Manage: Keep your mech in top fighting shape and improve its capabilities in the hanger. Get in there and manually fix battle scars between fights. Add and upgrade weapons and skills to match your fighting style. Budget carefully, upgrades cost money you must earn taking odd jobs around town.

Live: Explore Rain city, one of the last remnants of the old world. Decide where to visit and when. Meet the residents, learn their relationships, and build friendships to get job offers. As a former Yakuza, you know all about doing dirty work, like washing cats.

Wolfstride Screenshots & Artwork