Xuan-Yuan Sword VII's second trailer Highlights the Heroines

Softstar Entertainment has posted a new trailer for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, highlighting the two heroines found in the action RPG. Softstar has also announced that Xuan-Yuan Sword VII will release for Xbox One in addition to PC and PlayStation 4.

Xuan-Yuan Sword is a long series of Taiwanese-developed RPGs featuring ancient Chinese stories and mythology. Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is the newest entry in the series set to release in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, supporting English subtitles - only the second game in the franchise to do so.

Check out the new trailer below alongside details about the game's two heroines. For more information, you can check out the debut trailer and gameplay trailer.

According to the Mohists’ backstory, Mohists have been insisting on preceding admonitions for the past hundreds of years, isolated to the world with their highly advanced technology ---- clockwork machinery. However, after years of war, some Mohism members advocate toward impacting the world with the clockwork killing weapons. 


Taishi Zhao’s Childhood Friend – Hong

Chu Hong is a direct and candid heroine with a decisive mind and a gentle heart, who doesn’t pay too much attention to trivial details. As one of the Mohists, Hong bears strong sympathy for vulnerable people and is willing to help them. As a student to her grandfather, Hong follows the Mohism prohibitions closely and agrees that Clockwork technology should be used in a cautious way.


Taishi Zhao’s baby sister – Xiang

Taishi Xiang is the protagonist's baby sister. As a result of her brother's love and care for her, Xiang is kind, considerate, and pure. What she wants the most is to live in peace and joy with her brother. 

When engaged in a battle, the two heroines will also support players to fight against enemies.

Combat with hostile Gearbeast

During the journey, you will not only encounter incredible creatures, famous historical figures but also witness Chinese clockwork fantasy, explore ancient ruins, and solve puzzles.

Fixing Puzzles