13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim delayed to September 22 in the west for PlayStation 4, English voices available in Day 1 Patch

Atlus West has announced that 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim will now release on September 22 in the West for PlayStation 4, a two-week delay from its previously announced September 8 date. The publisher also announced that an English voiceover option will be available on launch day as part of a day 1 patch.


Communications Manager Ari Advincula and localization team member Allie Doyon at Sega of America took to PlayStation Blog to discuss the voice recording effort, considering challenges that arose during a pandemic, as well as how the game's storyline does not have a primary main character but instead shuffles around 13 individual protagonists.

Here's a snippet of their conversation.

AA: Do you have any special stories you’d like to share about working with the voice actors? 

AD: If you think the story of 13 Sentinels sounds complex, just imagine what our voice director had to say to explain it to each actor as they entered the booth! I lost count of the number of times “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” was said over the course of recording. Since there’s no single “main character” of this game, each actor only saw their own side of the story, leaving many of them excited to see how it all comes together in the end.

Without giving away any spoilers, I’d also like to say that certain aspects of this game presented an incredible acting challenge, and I’m so impressed with how well they all nailed it! There’s a real showcase of talent here, and I can’t wait for everyone to play it and find out what I mean.

Check out the blog post for more. For more information, screenshots, and a trailer check out the previous release date announcement.