The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Hands-on: Blood in Toussant

CD Projekt RED has had some astonishing success with The Witcher 3, shipping over 10 million copies of the hardcore-styled RPG and winning numerous awards, including taking away the RPG Site Reader's Choice in our Best of 2015 poll. The time is almost here for the developer to say goodbye to the game and for fans to do likewise to Geralt, however - as the release of the game's final expansion is upon us.

We visited the developers in their home base of Warsaw, Poland to go hands-on with a near-final version of the expansion, which sees Geralt journey to the Southern land of Toussant, a more affluent land not as tarnished by the war and other nastiness that usually has torn apart the lands Witchers frequent. 

Toussant is an all-new landmass for the expansion, offering up a significant amount of new content, including all-new features such as Mutations to augment Geralt's abilities, armor dyes, and even a home for Geralt to own all of his own. Alongside this is a major new storyline and a slew of sidequests to ensure the large new land of Toussant is as populated as any other.

Also included are improvements to existing systems, including a level cap raise for New Game+, a new Gwent deck and major user interface improvements. Hear about the expansion in more detail and see a little of it yourself below in our video preview, and also in newly-released media for the expansion. It's out on the 31st of May.

The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Screenshots
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