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Alphadia Genesis boxart
Alphadia Genesis

Two kingdoms, after nearly destroying each other and the natural resources of Energi, signed an important peace treaty, and have been co-operative neighbors ever since: Augustine and Archleign, where the story of Alphadia Genesis begins.

Child of Light boxart
Child of Light

Ubisoft's JRPG inspired 2d sidescrolling RPG. Originally released for PC, PS3, PS4, Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in 2014. Later released on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Darksiders boxart

The player takes on the role as War, one of the four legendary Horsemen of the apocalypse; the apocalypse has just taken place prematurely, and the world destroyed, and War finds himself tasked to find out who was behind this.

Darksiders II boxart
Darksiders II

Darksiders II focuses on the horseman Death as he tries to redeem War in his mistakes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut boxart
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut

Eidos Montreal and Straight Right revisit Deus Ex: Human Revolution to tweak and adjust it in order to create the definitive version of the game.

Dragon Fantasy Book I boxart
Dragon Fantasy Book I

When the Black Knight kidnaps the Prince of Westers, can the retired knight Ogden stop the threat upon the world?

Dragon Fantasy Book II boxart
Dragon Fantasy Book II

The adventures of Ogden and his companions continues in glorious 16-bits!

EarthBound Beginnings boxart
EarthBound Beginnings

The western release of 'Mother 1' on Wii U Virtual Console.

Mass Effect 3 boxart
Mass Effect 3

Commander Shepard returns as the Reapers arrive in the Galaxy - the battle to save the universe has begun.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate boxart
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

An enhanced Wii U and 3DS version of Monster Hunter 3 - the same great game, but with additional features!

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