PlayStation 5 Games

8-Bit Adventures 2 boxart
8-Bit Adventures 2

8-Bit Adventures 2 is everything you love about NES, SNES and PS1-era JRPGs - with all of the charm, heart and soul, but none of the inconvenience. Dynamic turn-based battles & pixels with personality!

Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy boxart
Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy

Absolute Tactics is a turn-based, tactical RPG adventure with a compelling storyline and strategic battles, puzzles and quests.

Abyss World boxart
Abyss World

Abyss World is a third-person ARPG game. Players will explore the "Old Tide" in the vast Nornidia land, explore its secrets, challenge the threats in the underworld, experience different stories, and write their own epic tale of adventure.

Achilles: Legends Untold boxart
Achilles: Legends Untold

End the conflict between Hades and Ares in this souls-like action RPG. Battle gods, defeat mythological creatures, and gather resources alone or in co-op in Achilles: Legends Untold.

AI Limit boxart
AI Limit

In the distant future when civilization is on the verge of extinction, people follow the legend of the Elysium in the last city, Havenswell. In this post-apocalyptic wasteland sci-fi ARPG, you will play as Arrisa, a Blader with immortality, and explore the city ruin to find the hope of a new life.

Airoheart boxart

A top-down action-adventure RPG developed by Pixel Heart Studio and published by SOEDESCO

Alchemic Cutie boxart
Alchemic Cutie

Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome relaxing RPG set on colorful Wimba Island. While taming wild jellies, you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island.

Anima: Song from the Abyss boxart
Anima: Song from the Abyss

Song from the Abyss is an action RPG set in the world of Gaïa. The game allows you to control two different characters and explore a world full of mysteries.

ANNO: Mutationem boxart
ANNO: Mutationem

ANNO: Mutationem is an action-adventure game with RPG elements set in a cyberpunk world, featuring a unique mix of pixelated 2D & 3D graphic style with a rich, dark and bizarre plot.

Another Crusade boxart
Another Crusade

Discover a 3d wooden puppet-style world while exploring as a platformer, and taking battles in turn-based combat as an old-school RPG where timing and strategy is all!

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