Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Tribes: best race and class choice explained for character creation

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition keeps everything that make the original game great, and that includes the ability to create and choose a character that was fairly unique to the FF series at the time of its 2003 release. That means right from the start you're faced with a tough decision: which tribe you want your first character to be from.

In FFCC, Tribes function much the same as races or classes in other RPGs. There are four different tribes: Clavats, Lilties, Yukes, and Selkies. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and though you can then progress each character in your own way, your choice from the tribes will broadly determine what your character is capable of.

Because of these skill sets and natural abilities, some tribes are more suited to solo play while others only come into their own as part of a squad. Some have a wider range of abilities, while others are more limited in their utility. Your choice of tribe also directly impacts which weapon you use and to an extent what armor and what accessories you can equip.

As well as the Tribe choice, you'll also have to decide what business your character's family is known for. This carries important bonuses - for more information, check out our FF Crystal Chronicles Family Trade choice guide.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Tribes explained: how to pick the best race

The main difference between FFCC's tribes is attack style and spellcasting capability, including the distance and range of their magic attacks. Each race functions a bit like a traditional class, with certain equipment exclusive to them - and that determines how they get by in battle. 

Beyond that, it's worth noting that some accessories are exclusive to certain genders within a tribe/race - but those items generally balance out, so we wouldn't sweat it too much.

In real terms, think of the Crystal Chronicles tribes like this: 

  • The Clavats and Selkies are both relatively diverse in skill-set, meaning they can more comfortably solo content. 
  • The Yuke and Lilty tribes are incredibly powerful, but only with the correct support backing them up, making them better choices if you're getting into co-op multiplayer. Yukes are specialized spellcasters, while Lilties are frontline fighters.

As you can see, each race has its own sort of pros and cons, so there isn't really a best race in the game - it depends on how you're playing and who you're playing with. That said, the advice below will help you locate the best race and best tribe in FFCC for you - as we'll explain in more detail where each excels.

Crystal Chronicles Tribes: how each race compares to traditional classes

Each class basically has a different method of attack, and as detailed in our FFCC weapons guide, each has their own list of weapons to equip. In traditional class terms, the races line up as follows:

  • Clavats are your generic starter class, like a Warrior, able to do a bit of everything but not the best in any specific category.
  • The Selkies are like a Thief, with a focus on speed and attack power but otherwise weaker than the Clavats - slightly more specialised, but still quite generic.
  • Yukes are your traditional mages. FFCC doesn't differentiate much between types of magic, so they're natural masters of offensive, defensive and support magic all the same.
  • Lilties are pint-sized powerhouses, with superb physical attacks and the ability to be an absolutely incredible tank if properly supported.

All this isn't to say that you're limited to just these definitions - through leveling up and character growth you can push a character in a direction you like - but their base stats and starting point will loom large over you all game, so it's important to make the right decision.

Crystal Chronicles Tribes: spell casting comparison

Each tribe in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has a baseline affinity, or lack thereof, for casting spells. As stated above, Yukes are spell-casting specialists, while the Lilty tribe are the weakest spell casters. 

Yukes: The longest cast range, shortest cast time, and longest duration of negative status effects from cast spells.
Clavats: Mid-range spell casters, with moderate cast time and status duration.
Selkies: Tied for the shortest spell range, with longer cast times and shorter status durations.
Lilties: Tied for the shortest spell range, with the longest cast times and shortest status durations.

A rough comparison of the cast range of each tribe. Top to bottom: Selkie, Lilty, Clavat, Yuke.

Here's a little more on each of the four tribes: 

Clavats: strong all-rounders

Consider Clavats the sort of 'default' race in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. If you're unsure of what to go for, Clavat may well be the best option of race and tribe for you, as they're the well-rounded everyman of the FFCC world.

Clavats use Swords and Shields as their main equipment. This gives them a decent attack range, plus a method to block any attack that comes directly at them. This makes it an ideal class for beginners, as you can priotitize blocking over dodging if you're not yet comfortble with moving under pressure.

In stats terms, they are an absolute jack-of-all trades, neither coming first or last in any given category of base stats. This means that while they have decent magic stats, if you want to ignore that and focus on weapon attacks, that's viable. The reverse is true, too - in fact, a Clavat is equally at home with magic as with a sword. 

That's the point of this class, however: more or less everything is available to you to a certain degree. You'll never be the outright best around in any category, but you can have a viable sword and shield Clavat build, or pivot to be a decently powerful mage: no other class has this flexibility.

The jack-of-all-trades nature of the Clavat also makes it a great tribe/race for those who want to play solo. Here you have a decent attacker who still has fairly potent curative spells or elemental offensive spells, meaning the need for supporting teammates is lowered.

Clavats also get unique gear such as the Gaia Plate and Chocoobo Shield with higher defense values than what is available to other classes, clearly making this tribe a safe choice for solo players. There are also unique Clavat accessories that increase spell range or decrease casting time. They really can do everything.

Lilty: raw melee powerhouses

Don't let the small stature of the Lilties fool you: this tribe and race are described as 'people of warfare', and allegedly at one point ruled the entire continent. Lilties are powerful, melee-focused fighters, using Lances and Gloves to battle their enemies.

The choice of a lance/spear as their weapon of choice, and pair that with the best Strength stats in the game - meaning they can deal out large amounts of damage and take a lot of punishment just the same. That comes at a cost: they have the worst magic stats and magical ability in Crystal Chronicles.

This comes to create an important conundrum: Lilties aren't the best choice for solo Crystal Chronicles play. There are encounters where certain spells will be required. A Lilty can access all this magic, but they're so bad with magic that it can make this stuff really drag out. Likewise, healing is more challenging for the same reason. In a multiplayer squad however, supported by other players, the Lilty can become an incredible tank and primary damage dealer. 

In character progression terms, the smart thing to do with a Lilty is grow their attack, health and defense - focusing on each stat in that order. In DPS terms, they'll have access to some of the most powerful weapons in the game later on. Everything about this class is built to focus on raw strength - so you should play them as such.

Lilties can use a unique Celestial Weapon with the highest stats in the base game (New Post-Game gear might shift this somewhat), as well as unique accessories that improve Focus Attack range and damage.


Yukes: master mages for attack and support

In the pantheon of traditional RPG classes, the Yuke is basically the mage of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. This tall race carries a Hammer and wears an armored helm, but don't let that fool you - Yukes are all about magic and the mind, and they're known in the FFCC world as the People of Knowledge.

In real terms, the Yukes are pretty useless with physical attacks - though their Focus Attacks can be useful. Instead, you're better off standing back and slinging spells from a distance. If enemies close in, the Yukes' Defend command is also magical: they actually magically phase away to dodge the attack instead of simply block it. 

As you'd expect, Yukes have the worst attack and defense of all FFCC's races, but they have incredibly strong magic stats. This makes them the inverse of the Lilty race as described above: absolutely amazing in multiplayer with the right party setup, but challenging (to put it democratically) to play solo due to the abilities they lack, such as against enemies resistant to magic.

In multiplayer, the Yuke is a great multi-purpose character. You're the all-in-one mage, so you'll be healing, attacking, and casting support spells to buff and help your allies. They're great fun to play, but have a very specific utility.

Almost all of the Yuke-specific accessories such as the Wizard's Soul or Twisted Spectacles center around improving spell damage, range, or cast time.

Selkie: speedy thieves 

In real terms, as a race the Selkies are quite similar to Clavats - but as a tribe, they're quite different. They're nomadic thieves that roam the continent, and have a wilder look about them - and an adjusted ability set to match.

In a sense, you might want to think of the Selkie race as a more specialized and less generic version of the jack-of-all-trades Clavat race. They use a Maul and a Belt. They're all about speed, with a fast-charging Focus Attack and general fleet-footedness.

In real terms they're more of a glass cannon than Clavats with lower defense options, but are not to the extremes of the Lilty tribe. While they're weaker magically, they still retain enough of that bit-of-everything nature to be a perfectly viable solo play character, so long as you develop and progress your Selkie in a balanced way.

Selkies have speed and those powerful Focus Attacks, especially when you get to the late game and can get specialized gear that both powers up and speeds up the charge time to make for devastating results.

Selkie accessories include the Thieve's Emblem or Speed Charm, which reduce the charge time of Focus Attacks or Angel's Earring which make them highly resistance to status effects. One thing is very clear, Selkies are designed to be quick and nimble.