Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations - where to find all cats for the for the Please Find My Cat quest

There's a whole lot of side quests in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, but one of the most lucrative is Please Find My Cat, a two-parter quest for Part-time Hero that has a massive reward. Best of all, the quest is easy - at least, if you have the cat locations. Which we do.

What's particularly exciting about this quest are the rewards. You'll get a new Poundmates summon for battle, plus two lots of 1,000,000 Yen - that's 2 million Yen total! Massive. That's more than enough to, for instance, pass every vocational school exam and test, or buy every NPC boost for your personality stats

You can tackle this quest from very early on, making it a great way to get a lot of cash as early as Chapter 5. You might want to pair this with the Kappa Statue quest, which also has you running around the map in hunt of hidden collectibles. On this page we detail how to start the lost cats quest, and then where to find all of the cats.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Finding Quest - how to start

In order to start the quest, you'll need to go to the Part-time Hero office. You'll be taken here once when you first learn about it as part of the story, but it's found in the same building as the Cafe Brave restaurant in the North Jinnai Station region, which is the top-left of the Isezaki Ijincho map. There's an elevator at the back of the building that takes you to the third floor, which is where the office is.

It's crucial that you visit this office to start this quest. The first time you voluntarily visit, you'll notice the office is full of cats. Chat to Hiro, then leave.

Eventually you'll get a phone call from Hiro that his cats have all escaped. This can happen immediately after leaving, or alternatively might take a bit of time to trigger. If the latter, just keep advancing the main story until he calls. The earliest we've had him call is partway through chapter 5, immediately after first unlocking character job changes. 

Once the quest begins, you'll have to find nine cats for the first part of the quest, and one cat for the second. Luckily, we've tracked them all down for you. Read on for where to find all of the cats.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Cat Locations


To start with, see above: this is a map of Isezaki Ijincho in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, with every cat location marked. The cats are scattered right across the city, as you can see.

We've numbered the cats, but not because there's a strict order in which to get them - rather, we've numbered them in what we think is a decent suggested order to grab them and advance the quest, and below you'll find more specific instructions for each cat in that numbered order.

The 'Please Find My Cat' quest requires you to find the first 9 cats. Once you have, return to the Part-time Hero office (the start point, on the map) to talk to Hiro. This will complete the request, getting you a 1 million yen reward. After this, you'll immediately be given the 'Please Find My Cat 2' quest, which requires you to find one more cat, Robson.

Robson is marked as Cat 10 on the map. After finding him, return to the Part-time Hero office one more time and report to Hiro to unlock Robson as a Poundmates summon and recieve another 1 million yen.

With all this noted, here's the Yakuza: Like a Dragon cat locations in more detail:


Cat 1 Location: Near the Batting Center, hiding around the back of a rectangular-shaped building on the side where there's water behind it. 


Cat 2 Location: Around the outer grounds of the Old People's Home you visit early in the game. This is south of Hidamari Castle. The best and quickest way is to enter the building grounds from Daikokuten Street - directly opposite Ounabara Vocational School. The cat is resting atop a green box nestled in a nook against the building proper.


Cat 3 Location: This cat is found in the top right area of the Isezaki Ijincho Map, in Hamakita Park. Just south of the 'Flowers 2 Go' stall that's in the center-left of the park, there's a drinking fountain. The cat is hiding in the shadow of the fountain.


Cat 4 Location: The next cat is found right in the middle of Chinatown, south of the central intersection where the word Chinatown is printed on the in-game map. It's chilling in a flower bed in front of a non-interactive store front. If you're trying to do this at a low level early on, Chinatown is extremely hostile, so save before heading there and be prepared to run from battles.


Cat 5 Location: Your fifth cat will bring you halfway in your hunt for the lost cats, and this one is in the West Jinnai Station area. The easiest way to find this is to go to the Kappo Katsumi restaurant on the Jinnai Service Road, then cross the street to the central bit where Jinnai Station is. There's a parking lot here, and the cat is sitting atop a dumpster with a blue lid, behind fences - you'll have to walk to find a gap in the fences and hedges to get inside to get to the cat.


Cat 6 Location: Cat 6 isn't just a type of ethernet cable - it's the next cat you need. Sorry. Anyway, this is in the Bar District, just south of Survive, the bar where you hang out. Look out for a striking stone carved wall artwork - there's a doorway to a building you can't enter here, but the cat will be just inside, enjoying the shade.


Cat 7 Location: You can find the seventh cat further south from the sixth. It's on Sunrise Street, almost but not quite as south-west as you can go on the map. Where Sunrise Street opens up to overlook the river, the cat is sitting around underneath a bright green awning at the side of a building.


Cat 8 Location: You will have become acquainted with the Can Quest mini game early on in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and the eighth cat is close to that. It's actually on the upper level of the car park, where the Can Quest NPC is on the lower leve, underneath. It's hiding by a car, against the railings that look down over Misaki Street.


Cat 9 Location:  This cat is in Restaurant Row, not far from the cinema. Look for the single weapon shop on Ijin Street - Zhou Long Distribution. There's an alleyway right next to this place. Go to the end of the alley and look to the right - there's another tiny alleyway flicking off in an L-shape, and the final cat (for now) is hanging out here.


Cat 10 (Robson) Location: Robson is the final cat, and remember, you won't be able to get him right away. After getting the first nine cats, return to Hiro at Part-time Hero HQ to report in the first half of the quest. He'll then task you with finding Robson. Robson is easy to find if you know where to look. Go back to Hamakita Park, but this time head right to the north-east, as far to the top-right of the map as you can. There's a curved winding path here, and on the nothern half of it you can find Robson resting atop a light on the sloped, curving path. Return him to Hiro for a huge reward.