Yakuza: Like a Dragon Kappa Statue Location Map - where to find all statues for the Kappa Search quest

There's nothing that screams padding like a fetch quest, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon keeps up RPG tradition with quite a few of them. One is fairly unique, however - the Kappture the Kappa quest that tasks you with tracking down Kappa Statues across the map.

This quest is one of the Part-time Hero quests, which asks you to take pictures of Kappa Statues. You can start the quest any time after signing up with Part-time Hero as part of the early story progression. Across Like a Dragon's main map of Isezaki Ijincho there are 10 locations that are home to a Kappa Statue - and if you get photographic evidence of all ten, you can turn this quest in for huge rewards, including 2 Million Yen and some powerful items.

To get the quest started, just wait until you have the part-time hero app in your main menu and then simply head to one of the statue locations and start taking photos by hitting up on the d-pad. Once the statue is in sight, the game will give you an on-screen prompt to take a picture. If you get it, Ichiban will note that's one more of the statues down. When all ten statues are photographed, turn the quest in with a Part-time Hero rep to get your rewards.

This quest is a great way to earn a lot of money early on in Like a Dragon, and you can combine it with the similar missing cat quest to earn 4 million Yen very early on. Most of this quest can be finished in chapters 4 and 5, but two of the Kappa Statues can't be visited until chapters 6 and 7 respectively - more on that below. Taking all these photos along the way will also unlock other challenges that'll raise your personality stats - so this is a very handy quest all around.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Kappa Statue Locations


The above map will be a good starting point for finding the Kappa Statues scattered throughout Isezaki Ijincho in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. You can find and take pictures of the statues in any order you like, but we've numbered them in a way where you can wind a route through the city, starting in the top left and working around in a relatively orderly fashion. 

The order listed is also the order of Kappa Statue Locations as printed below - so you can use the map above to find the general order, then the more in-depth images and descriptions to more fully locate the statue. Remember, you need to use your phone camera (up on the D-Pad) to snap a picture of the Kappa Statue - when you've got it right in frame, you'll be prompted on-screen.


Kappa Statue Location 1: Head as far to the north-west as you can - right in top left of the map. There's a small pathway behind the batting center against the river - right in the corner of this stands one of the Kappa statues. Take a photo of it up-close and personal to add it to your list.


Kappa Statue Location 2: Now we're going (almost) to the north-eastern corner of the map. Towards the top-right of Hamakita Park, there's a couple of food truck vendors side-by-side. The right-hand truck is white, and is called Hero's Harvest. We've got no idea how he got there, but you'll find this Kappa statue actually inside the truck, next to the guy selling out of it. Snap a photo to collect it.


Kappa Statue Location 3: If you're trying to get the Kappa photos early for a big cash injection, this will be one of the more difficult ones to get, as Chinatown is hostile and has some higher-level enemies. This Kappa Statue is slap bang in the middle of one of the streets in Chinatown, just left of where the word Chinatown appears on the map. It's hiding in a little nook between two buildings.


Kappa Statue Location 4: One of the better hidden Kappa Statues is this little guy, who is hiding in an elevator up to the platform at Jinnai Station towards the middle of the map. The train line has 'fat' and 'thin' segments - this is on the thin segment, just left of where the Jinnai Station text is marked on the map. You'll want to find the elevator and then get on the road side - the statue will be visible through the elevator glass from the road, where you can snap a picture.


Kappa Statue Location 5: This statue is a bit hidden away - it's not out in the Overworld. Instead, head to Survive, the bar where Ichiban and the rest of the Yakuza: Like a Dragon party hang out in downtime. It's easily missed, but Survive actually has an upstairs section. You can heal and store items up here. Anyway, the Kappa Statue is inside the closet, on its side. Whip out the camera and grab a picture.


Kappa Statue Location 6: This Kappa Statue is right to the south of Sunrise Street, pretty close to the bottom-left of the map. This statue is also right on top of an enemy spawn point, so linger here too long and you'll be dragged into a trash mob battle. The statue is inside the window of a building which has a green awning, just south of the split to Sunrise Bridge. It's right next to the Part-time Hero check-in lady.


Kappa Statue Location 7: The other side of the river from the 6th Kappa Statue is the 7th, on the bottom of South Sakura River Street. Or you can think of this as just south of the Can collecting mini-game. This is one of the most obvious ones, but things get a little more complicated from here on out.


Kappa Statue Location 8: Your 8th Kappa Statue is located in Yakuza Like a Dragon's Red Light District. It's on a side street right towards the edge of the map, either off Romance Street or East Central Street. The image above is pretty vital for this one, because as you can see, it's well hidden. You'll need to stand in a parking lot and look through a fence at the staircase on the nearby building. Kappa is on the stairs, looking out at you. Get as close as you can and use the camera's zoom function.


Kappa Statue Location 9: You won't be able to snap this Kappa Statue until Chapter 6. That's because it's inside the Liumang Gang Base that you end up going to as part of that Chapter's events. After that, however, you can revisit this location via an alleyway in Ijin Street in Restaurant Row. You can take the picture either during the mission or afterwards in a subsequent chapter; it's not missable. On the second floor of the Liumang Gang base, look to the south, where the Kappa statue stands behind a railing on an ajacent balcony. 


Kappa Statue Location 10: The final Kappa Statue won't be available until Chapter 7. When you first are able to access this area it's dark, which makes the statue even harder to see, but it's not missable and you can return later on. Anyway, you'll want to head to the small side road/alleyway immediately above where the map is marked Fukutokucho, which is just east of Fukutoku Bridge. At one point here there's some steps leading up to an apartment building - it's marked by a planter where you can plant seeds. Head up these steps as far as you can, and then look across the alleyway to the opposite building - the Kappa Statue is hiding in the corner of its balcony. We found this was difficult to photograph during the actual Geomijul Base assault mission, but returned for it in Chapter 8.