Genshin Impact: How to Reach Nameless Island and Complete Time and the Wind

In addition to Genshin Impact's main story quests and dailies, you'll occasionally run into hidden tasks with no clear marker on where things begin or how to proceed. Time and the Wind is one of many out-of-the-way secret quests that can be reached by flying out to Nameless Island in Mondstadt. Before beginning, make sure you have a team of characters around level 40 and are prepared for a series of fights against anemo-based enemies.

How to Reach Nameless Island and Begin Time and the Wind

Perhaps the most frustrating part of Time and the Wind is actually locating the Nameless Island and beginning the questline. There are a couple of options and no wrong way to do it as long as you make it out there without drowning.


The fastest and most preferable way to get to Nameless Island is to locate Starsnatch Cliff, head for the northern-most edge, aim yourself at the island in the distance, and glide. This approach will not work if you have lower stamina, so it's easiest if you've collected plenty of anemoculus and geoculus clusters. You can also use characters like Amber or Venti to cut down on stamina usage, both have passives that reduce stamina consumption (just keep in mind they don't stack). Food is another option to aid in reducing the stress from gliding, so cook up some Barbatos Ratatouille before making the leap.

The second and more time-consuming approach for reaching Nameless Island is bringing out your cryo party members like Chongyun, Kaeya, or Qiqi and creating a bridge over the water. It's helpful to rotate two of them and use an anemo character like Traveler to spread the ice forward and speed things up a bit. It's a tedious process that can turn south fairly quickly if you make a mistake, so be careful and take your time.

Regardless of the route, it's easy to begin Time and the Wind once you've reached your destination. Locate the camp on the south end of the beach where you'll find a big rock with a shovel next to it. Smash the rock and retrieve the Ragged Notebook.


Observing the Sundial and Pursuing the Eye of the Storm

Head to the sundial sitting on the ruins around the outside of the island. Interact with it and set your clock to 2:00 am, keep in mind this next step must be completed before 5:00 am.

Use Elemental Sight and begin searching for clusters of the wind scattered about Nameless Island. The first one is located just behind the sundial, so you'll need to glide out to the ruins in the water and use an anemo attack to trigger it. There's also a chest on the island's edge here you should nab before proceeding.

There are three more clusters of wind you'll need to disperse. Check the southern coast, east coast, and the largest pillar on the island with Elemental Sight to clear them.

Next, you'll be asked to scatter the deposit of wind by using an anemo attack on the orb floating above the stone circle in the middle of the island. Eye of the Storm will spawn and it's easiest to take out the level 43 boss with electro characters. Since it's a giant floating orb that's difficult to smack with melee weapons, ranged characters like Fischl will make the fight a breeze. 


Once Eye of the Storm is defeated, you'll have to pursue it back to Mondstadt. Jump in the wind jet, set your sights on Thousand Winds Temple, and head to the area just south of there to locate another sundial.

Speak to Henry Morton and search for the Thick Notebook in his camp. Read that, then set your clock to 2:00 am again. It's time to find three more clusters of wind with Elemental Sight, but this time each cluster will spawn enemies once dispersed. Make sure you kill these before summoning the boss, as the upcoming fight doesn't need any more added difficulty.


For the last time, use Elemental Sight to destroy the big deposit of wind and trigger another fight with Eye of the Storm. During the fight, the big orb will spawn additional enemies you'll need to watch for, including annoying wind wizards that should be quickly put to rest to avoid their painful tornado attacks.

After finishing the fight, speak to Henry again to receive your rewards and unlock the achievement Nothing to Lose But Time