Genshin Impact Web Event: the Stone Harbor Teasure Journal event explained

Starting today, November 13, and going until November 22, travelers with Adventure Rank 10 and above can recruit new characters Zhongli and Childe to take on new quests. As you log in each day, there will be a new reward to chase. Depending on who you select to accompany you on the journey, assignments may change and random events could trigger. We'll outline how to begin the Stone Harbor Journal event, what to do, and the rewards in this guide.


How to Begin the Stone Harbor Treasure Journal Web Event

To get things started, navigate to your in-game inbox and look for another letter from Paimon (do not delete this email if you're on PS4). You should receive 1,000 mora and be able to select "Click Here to Go to Event" which will lead to a cute webcomic. After the events play out, you'll be prompted to accept an unlocked assignment location. There are five locations, and every location has two available assignments. With those selected, you'll choose between either Childe or Zhongli and begin.


Random events will always trigger the first time you accept a particular assignment, but there's a chance additional ones may pop up again later on. Complete these events for additional rewards and the chance to alter the course of the story.

Completing the Stone Harbor Treasure Journal Assignments and Rewards

Your goal for every day should always be to use up your assignment opportunities and to collect the three daily login rewards. After selecting the location and reviewing random events, it all becomes a waiting game. There's nothing left to do when the counter begins, so feel free to leave the screen and farm hilichurls.


When the counter is over, accept your credits and begin the next task should you have any further assignments. Rewards come in the form of the much sought after primogems and mora. You'll need to stay on top of the tasks daily if you're aiming to collect everything.


  • Event Gameplay Guide - 10,000 mora
  • Current Credit Total ≥ 2,000 -30 primogems 
  • Current Credit Total ≥ 6,000 - 30 primogems 
  • Current Credit Total ≥ 12,000 - 40 primogems, 10,000 mora
  • Current Credit Total ≥ 24,000 - 40 primogems, 10,000 mora
  • Current Credit Total ≥ 48,000 - 60 primogems, 20,000 mora

And that's it, everything is pretty cut and dry. Select your assignments, make random event choices, wait for the timer, and you're done. Goodies will be sent to your inbox automatically as you reach the next tier, so be sure to drop in and check there for more wishing fodder.