Cyberpunk 2077: how to get the Samurai Jacket and Johnny's clothes

There's lots of loot in Cyberpunk 2077, including a whole lot of clothes you can put on. It functions as your armor, and generally speaking you'll be buying clothes from shops or picking up ever-bettering loot from enemies. However, as well as that, there are also some unique, iconic items in the game: including the Samurai Jacket and Johnny Silverhand's clothes.

Johnny spends much of Cyberpunk 2077 inside protagonist V's head anyway, but if you want to take that connection a little bit further, you can dress V up in Johnny's clothes. The thing is, these are iconic items, meaning they're unique out in the world, as with iconic weapons - meaning if you want them, you'll ahve to get them from a specific location. 

On this page, we explain how to get the Samurai Jacket from all the marketing - plus how to get Johnny's aviators, shirt, pants, and shoes.

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How to get the Samurai Jacket in Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny's Jacket is iconic, since it appears right there on the box of the game and throughout pretty much all of Cyberpunk 2077's marketing. With that said, it's actually hidden off within a side quest - meaning it's easily missable if you're not tackling lots of the game's side missions.

In order to get the Samurai jacket, you'll simply need to start the mission 'Chippin' In'. This mission is triggered towards the end of the game's main story, but is actually a side job that leads to a plethora of new storylines involving Silverhand and the people he used to hang out with fifty years prior. Throughout the natural course of the mission, you'll get the Samurai Jacket as part of the quest.

This quest is also where you can unlock Johnny's Porsche 911 Turbo - simply agree to spare Grayson's life in order to get a key that can be used to lower a crane that holds the container with the car inside - or kill him and loot the key likewise.

The Fake Samurai Jacket

This is only available for those with the Streetkid lifepath. There's also a Fake Samurai Jacket - which instead has the text SAMEREI - to be found in the game. To locate this, you'll need to tackle the 'Small Man, Big Mouth' side quest. You get the fake Samerei Jacket as part of that. Note that this item is not required for the Breathtaking achievement/trophy.


Where to get Johnny's Clothes: aviators, shirt, pants, and shoes

While V has Johnny Silverhand in their head, it's totally possible to find yourself the rest of Johnny's clothes besides that now already-iconic SAMURAI jacket. It's a four-piece outfit: there's Johnny's Aviator glasses, his shirt, his pants, and his shoes. They're exactly the items that Johnny wears when hanging out with you throughout the game.


Each of the items can be found or unlocked through a side quest. Here's where to get all four:

  • Johnny's Tank Top: obtained as a reward for the 'Tapeworm' sidequest. The Tapework sidequest is unique in that it triggers over time as you complete various story jobs, beginning with 'Automatic Love' and finishing with 'Search and Destroy'. You'll naturally progress through to "Search and Destroy" after "Gimme Danger" and "Play It Safe". After chatting to Johnny after the end of Search and Destroy, Tapeworm will be completed and thus you'll get the shirt at the same time Johnny hands you the dog tags.
  • Johnny's Aviators: obtained during the course of the "Chippin' In" sidequest, during Johnny's night of fun. The sidequest unlocks as a direct result of the Tapeworm sidequest; once that is complete, you'll be able to trigger Chippin' In, which is a request from Johnny. As a note, the ending of this sidequest contains an exchange with Johnny that can lead directly to one of the more difficult to obtain endings. Check our Cyberpunk 2077 endings guide for more information on that. 
  • Johnny's Pants: available during the 'Psychofan' gig. This is available at any time, and is found in The Glen area of Night City, east side of the region near El Coyote Cojo. This is a thievery gig to steal a guitar, but the superfan also has Johnny's original pants from back in the day. It's not a reward; you have to loot it during the mission. It's found inside a suitcase in the bedroom.
  • Johnny's Shoes: available during the 'Family Heirloom' gig. This pops in the Charter Hill area of the map, at the south end. It requires level 4 Street Cred to appear. It's found inside a locker in the mission's objective location, so it's tough to miss. Rogue calls this mission in for you.