Bravely Default II Salve-Maker | how to unlock the salve maker class

Bravely Default II features a wide variety of job classes that hark back to RPG traditions, as well as some slightly different and more unique classes. The Salve-Maker is returning from earlier in the series, and basically is an item-focused job that lets you combine two items together to produce unique and sometimes quite powerful effects. 

The Salve-Maker is one of only two of the twenty-four jobs & classes in Bravely Default 2 that actually comes as an optional, missable bonus - you don't necessarily have to unlock it. While it hasn't exactly shot to the top of our list of the best jobs & job combos in Bravely Default 2, it's still a decent ability set well worth having to hand. On this page, we explain how to unlock the Salve-Maker job. Simple!


How to unlock Salve-Maker in Bravely Default 2

For some reason, Bravely Default 2 doesn't go all-in on missable jobs, nor does it make them all mandatory - instead, of 24, only the Gambler job and the Salve Maker are optional unlocks. This job arrives a little later in the game, with Salve-Maker unlockable during Chapter 3. Once again this optional job is tied to a side quest. Thankfully, this one doesn't require you to master a frustrating and obtuse card game.

From the beginning of Chapter 3, you simply have to head to Enderno town and enter the chouse on the top-right of the town, the largest one. Inside a conversation will begin, and you'll see that there's somebody unconscious in bed and a whole lot of people around them fussing. This will give you an exposition dump for the quest, and you'll then be asked to pick up an item.

You can find the item you need, a Luneclover, just north of Enderno. Grab it and return to the town and the house. The item is used to whip up some 'Dreamsnoozer', which is a potion which can... let you enter the realm of dreams. The idea of this little story is to enter the dreams of the bed-ridden man and wake him from his unnatural slumber.


You'll be warned that you won't be able to return to the main world for a while at this point. Save, enter the dreamscape world, and traverse it until you fight a boss battle. The boss should be quite easy if you're at a standard sort of level for this point iin the game. This is not one of BD2's totally brutal boss battles.  

Beat Glenn in battle and you'll unlock the Salve-Maker job, which in turn gives you access to the Compounding and Survey commands from base but grows them there, giving you a wide range of abilities that can restore or even deplete BP, deal damage, heal, or even copy and clone items. Like all of BD2's various roles, the Salve-Maker's final three abilities are only available aftrer unlocking the level cap to hit job level 15.