Final Fantasy IX Chocographs | chocograph pieces map, locations, & treasures

Some of the most important side quests in Final Fantasy IX are, of course, related to Chocobos. There's a lot with Chocobos in this game, but one particularly now-iconic element are Chocographs, the treasure maps that point to unique and powerful loot that you can only find with the help of your trusty, beaked, warking friends. 

After finishing the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum and paying a visit to Gizmaluke's Grotto, the Chocobo's Forest opens for business. From that point until the end of the game, the various Chocobo quests span out right across the world map. They're ultimately some of the most challenging - but also rewarding - quests in FF9.

The quest ultimately comes in several forms, and we have broken some of those out across a couple of different pages. This page covers the Chocograph side quest, which involves treasure hunting out on the world map using a Chocobo, cryptic clues, and maps known as - you guessed it - Chocographs. 

Final Fantasy IX Chocograph Pieces treasure location map

Unearthing the treasure for each Chocograph is a fairly easy task, though actually gaining the Chocographs will take a little bit of time. By travelling the world and visiting the different "Chocobo Forests", your party can collect the Chocographs listed below via the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini-game.

On occasion, you will also dig up a Chocograph Piece. There are 6 Chocograph Pieces; when you have all 6, the Mist Ocean Chocograph (that wields the ability to fly) will finally be yours. We detail all of this in-depth in our guide to FF9's Chocobo Hot & Cold mini game.

While actually getting the chocographs is simple enough, knowing where they are is a little more complicated, and that's where the time sink comes. Luckily, we've prepared the above map to help you out - a very old map that originally resided on RPG Site's predecessor, UFFSite. The map features basic color-coded blobs - the yellow dots are Chocographs. Also, the blue ones are ocean bubbles, and the red ones are mountain cracks. You can dig cracks and dive at bubbles by using a Dead Pepper item, while regular Chocograph hunts simply require a Chocobo.

Every so often as you dig up Chocographs you'll be transported to a dream world which fits into the wider Chocobo quests. Completing the Chocograph side quest specifically will unlock you a wide range of powerful items that'll make your journey through FF9 much more bearable, but also on modern versions of the game locating all 24 Chocographs will unlock the Diggin' It Trophy or Achievement.


How to find Chocograph Treasure in FF9

To start treasure hunting, leave the Chocobo Forest riding Choco or otherwise summon Choco using Chocobo Footprints. From there, press the [Triangle] button to open the Chocograph menu, select the treasure you want to search for, and exit the menu. Each Chocograph also lists the skills your Chocobo must possess in order to find that treasure. The Chocograph will appear grayed out on the menu until Choco has the proper abilities to find it - and abilities are unlocked via other Chocograph treasures.

Now toggle the [Select] button until the mini-map appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. The picture of the treasure's location should appear just above the mini-map. Ride Choco to that location and begin searching for the treasure by pressing the Square button. Choco will make similar sounds as in the "Chocobo Hot and Cold Game" to indicate the proximity of the treasure, ranging from "Kweh." indicating you're nowhere near, through "Kweh!?", "Kwehhh!?" and "K-KWEHHH!!!" as you finally are on top of the treasure.

Below, we break down the location of every Chocograph and rewards for finding each. Do keep in mind that the order listed is the order in which you'll obtain Chocographs, but you might not be able to actually obtain them in that order. For instance, the 4th Chocograph is far easier to obtain much later in the game. 

Chocograph 1: Streamside

"Go check where the river meets the ocean, kupo!"

Find Chocograph #1, Streamside, on the Mist Continent. Follow the river to the ocean, near where a bridge connects the two sides of the river. Get to digging for the chocograph on the beach shore to the western side. 

  • Available with: Yellow Chocobo or better
  • Rewards: 2x Elixir, 4x Hi-Potion, 4x Ether, 2x Germinas Boots

Chocograph 2: Between Mountains

As the description tells you, you'll want to get yourself sandwiched between two mountains that flank a path to the ocean on the south-western side of the Mist Continent. It's near the Lindblum plateau. This is a nice, easy landmark to find, but you can use the screenshot, video, or map to help if needed.

  • Available with: Yellow Chocobo or better
  • Rewards: 5x Potion, 5x Hi-Potion, 2x Tent, 2x Cotton Robes

Chocograph 3: Uncultivated Land

"The treasure is buried near a river, kupo. I don't think it will be easy to find!"

Find Chocograph #3, Uncultivated Land, on the eastern side of the Mist Continent. This one is also near the river. It's on a darkened, marsh-looking patch of fertile land to the side of the river, not far from the Evil Forest.

  • Available with: Airship or Mountain Chocobo ability
  • Rewards: 10x Antidote, 1x Jade Armlet, 3x Wing Edge, 1x Cargo Ship Card

Chocograph 4: Healing Shore

"I've seen a beach that looks like this near a city with high winds, kupo."

Find the 4th Chocograph on the Healing Shore, which is in the north-western quadrant of the Mist Continent, just along the shore. 

  • Available with: Yellow Chocobo or better
  • Rewards: Reef ability (Chocobo can now enter Shallow Water, which lets you reach Chocobo's Lagoon and unlock more Chocographs)

Chocograph 5: Abandoned Beach

"I think there's a beach near a huge dying forest. That might be it, kupo."

This is the first chocograph chronologically that sees you leave the Mist Continent - it can be found on the Outer Continent (the top-right continent on the world map) on a beach that's fairly central on the island. It's just south-east of Qu's Marsh.

  • Available with: Yellow Chocobo or better
  • Rewards: 9x Phoenix Pinion, 5x Phoenix Down, 12x Peridot, 1x Diamond Gloves

Chocograph 6: Cold Field

"Looks like a very cold place, kupo..."

Chocograph 6's Cold Field is found on the Lost Continent (the smallest continent in the top-left). It's towards one of the most southernly edges of the island while remaining on its eastern side, near the shore where it meets the ocean.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Rewards: 7x Echo Screen, 7x High Potion, 3x Tent, 1x Theater Ship Card

Chocograph 7: Forgotten Lagoon

"Why not go play in icy-cold water? Some treasure is hidden in the shallows, kupo."

Chocograph numero 7 is in the Forgotten Lagoon, and it's the first - chronologically, at least - that sees you grabbing the treasure from underneath shallow water, which Chocograph 4 will have unlocked your ability to do. It's south of the Lost Continent, in the water, past the Shimmering Isle, at the northern tip of the edge of the Forgotten Continent to the south.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Rewards: 8x Gyshal Greens, 5x Ether, 7x Hi-Potion, 1x Dragon's Claws 

Chocograph 8: Faraway Lagoon

"I heard there is a long stretch of reef... that might be it, kupo."

Finding the seventh Chocograph that's in the Faraway Lagoon isn't too difficult. You'll want to start your search in the waters to the east of the Forgotten Continent, hugging the cliff edges that shear off into the water on the upper part of the continent. It's in a sort of alcove in the cliffs.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Reward: 37x Potion, 6x Magic Tag, 1x Shield Armor, 1x Gaia Gear

Chocograph 9: Abandoned Lagoon

"I hear there's a sunken treasure near a peninsula in the southern part of the Outer Continent, kupo. Start your search on a small beach, kupo."

We're almost at double digits! Chocograph #9 taks you with finding the Abandoned Lagoon, which is back on the Outer Continent - or, to be precise, in the waters directly off it. It's on the south side of the island, so head off the southern side beach, and then head west. Again, this is sort of nestled in an alcove created by the shape of the land mass.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Reward: 6x Soft, 4x Ether, 1x Feather Boots, 1x N-Kai Armlet

Chocograph 10: Bird's-Eye Lagoon

"There are so many small islands surrounding the Mist Continent, kupo!"

Double digits! But not quite halfway. Head back to the Mist Contintent for this one, and into the waters off to the western side of the landmass, in Lindblum sort of territory. There's a selection of small islands here, west of where Qu's Marsh is. The treasure is near the most interestingly shaped of them.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Reward: 8x Potion, 4x Phoenix Down, 3x Ether, 1x Magician Robe

Chocograph 11: Small Beach

"It's a beach on a small island! A great place to vacation, kupo. There's nothing there, but it's my favorite place, kupo."

The Small beach refered to for the 11th Chocograph is actually very close to the 10th - just slightly east. So that's still around the Mist Continent's Lindblum region, this time on a small off-shore island that has a beach leading up to it. It's just on that actual beach.

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Reward: 4x Remedy, 2x Elixir, 8x Rising Sun, 1x Oak Staff

Chocograph 12: Dawn Lagoon

"It's a city where the night never ends. Lots of rich people live there, kupo."

There sure are a lot of lagoons in this quest, huh? Well, this one is once again in the waters off the Mist Continent, but this time on the south-eastern side. This is the waters directly south of where the city of Treno is located. 

  • Available with: Light Blue Chocobo (Reef)
  • Reward: Mountain Ability (Chocobo can climb mountains)

Chocograph 13: Forbidden Forest

"The forest lies where many mountain ranges merge, kupo! You need to go over a very high mountain."

This is us crossing the halfway point of Chocographs chronologically-speaking, and this one is a little cheeky - the forbidden forest is a forest that's forbidden, yes, but only because it's flanked on all sides by impassible mountains. Or impassible until now, anyway - but once you have Chocograph 12 and its reward, you can use your new Mountain-climbing ability to get over the mountains. The forest is found right in the center of the Mist Continent. Once in it, dig in the center of the forest. Simple!

  • Available with: Red Chocobo (Mountain)
  • Reward: 7x Ether, 2x Elixir, 10x Wing Edge, 1x High Mage Staff

Chocograph 14: Green Plains

"There are treasures on the high plains, too, kupo! High plains are grass fields that are found at a higher elevation."

Chocograph 14 is the first in what we'll call the Plains Trilogy, if only to keep ourselves entertained. Anyway, this is found on the Mist Continent - find the beach on the north of the island. Mountains overlook this beach. Clamber on up and check among the mountains to find the Green Plains.

  • Available with: Red Chocobo (Mountain)
  • Reward: Ocean Ability (Chocobo can enter deep water)

Chocograph 15: Dusk Plains

"What a beautiful sunset, kupo! At a certain location on the Forgotten Continent, it is always dusk, kupo."

The dark middle chapter of the Plains Trilogy takes you back over to the Forgotten Contintent, to the west. At the very north-west of this continent there's a very mountainous region. You want to head to the mountain range where it overlooks the sea, where the lighting goes dusky at all times. Hidden in the mountains is the Dusk Plains Chocograph.

  • Available with: Red Chocobo (Mountain)
  • Reward: 12x Phoenix Down, 14x Ore, 1x Kaiser Knuckles, 1x Iron Man Card

Chocograph 16: Forgotten Plains

"The long peninsular sort of points to the location of the treasures, kupo. Look for the withered plateau, kupo."

We haven't forgotten the end of the Plains Trilogy. This is it. This is again on the Forgotten Contintent, in the western, mountainous region, but away from where it's always Dusk - closer to where Ipsen's Castle is located.

  • Available with: Red Chocobo (Mountain)
  • Reward: 17x Ore, 5x Ether, 14x Opal, 1x Demon's Mail

Chocograph 17: Sea at Dusk

"There must be more treasures deeper in the ocean. Go dig in the ocean!"

To find the Sea at Dusk Chocograph, you'll want to head to the Eastern side of the Forgotten Continent, traveling down it until you find a slightly more pronounced penninsula pointing out, about halfway to two thirds down the contintent's eastern flank side. Just out in the water from this is the chest; you'll need to listen to your chocobo to find it exactly.

  • Available with: Dark Blue Chocobo (Ocean)
  • Reward: 15x Phoenix Pinion, 1x White Robe, 1x Diamond, 1x Masamune Card

Chocograph 18: Ocean

"Look carefully! There's a small reef, kupo!"

This one can feel a bit unfair if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. To the west of the Forgotten Continent, there's a strethced-out island that has chocobo tracks. Head west of that land, into the water, to find the treasure out in the water. Again, use your Chocobo's responses to gauge how close you are.

  • Available with: Dark Blue Chocobo (Ocean)
  • Reward: 27x Ore, 1x Light Robe, 1x Whale Whisker, 1x Alexander Card

Chocograph 19: Cold Lagoon

"What a complicated cove. The water looks very cold, kupo!"

Sad times - this is the last of the Lagoons we're visiting on our Chocograph journey. Goodbye, Lagoons. To find this one, go to the north-western side of the Lost Continent. There's a distinctive triangular dent in the shape of the continent; search here.

  • Available with: Dark Blue Chocobo (Ocean)
  • Reward: 11x Peridot, 9x Opal, 15x Sapphire, 19x Topaz

Chocograph 20: Mist Ocean

"Look around the small islands located in the northeastern shore of the Mist Continent."

For Chocograph #20, you'll actually need to find all six Chocograph Pieces in the Chocobo Hot & Cold mini game.  Once you have all six, that'll create this Chocograph, allowing you to search for it. it's actually found just off the north-eastern edge of the Mist Continent, out in the water by two small islands. 

  • Available with: Dark Blue Chocobo (Ocean)
  • Reward: Sky ability (Chocobo can fly, allowing you to reach Chocobo's Air Garden and find further Chocographs.

Chocograph 21: Outer Island

"Kupo. It isn't a very big island. How scary! I hope you like heights..."

This is the home stretch now - just four more island-bound Chocographs and we're done! For the first, you need to reach Korua Island, which is found off the Eastern Coast of the Outer Continent. You'll need to use your new sky ability to fly over there on a Gold Chocobo.

  • Available with: Gold Chocobo (Sky)
  • Reward: 21x Amethyst, 16x Garnet+, 1x Genji Armor, 1x Ragnarok

Chocograph 22: Outer Island 2

"I think there's a desert nearby, kupo. I don't think you can get near it from the ocean, kupo..."

As the name of this Chocograph suggests, this one is also an island off the side of the Outer Continent. This one is again off to the north, but more towards the middle of the continent. Fly on over there and grab the treasure.

  • Available with: Gold Chocobo (Sky)
  • Reward: 11x Sapphire, 1x Circlet, 1x Pumice Piece, 1x Hilda Garde III Card

Chocograph 23: Fairy Island

"There's a mountain in the middle of the island. Try going places you couldn't reach before, kupo!"

The penultimate treasure we need to find is on another island you can flutter on over to with the Sky ability. The island you want is Vile Island, which is found to the south-west of the Outer Continent. 

  • Available with: Gold Chocobo (Sky)
  • Reward: 33x Potion, 15x Annoyntment, 1x Holy Matter, 1x Dark Matter Card

Chronograph 24: Forgotten Island

"What a strange shape for an island, kupo. You've come this far! You can figure it out, kupo!"

This is it. The end. Until we move on to bubbles and cracks, anyway. But forget that for now - to find the 24th and final Chocograph, you'll need to reak Pilkiras Island. This is found just to the north of the Forgotten Continent. Fly over the gap to your reward.

  • Available with: Gold Chocobo (Sky)
  • Reward: 1x Ribbon, 1x Rebirth Ring, 13x Amethyst, 1x Ark Card

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