Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis - Gigantix enemy spawns, Straga weapon and Geant armor drops

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis gets its first taste of end-game-like content (kinda) today in the form of Gigantix type enemies. While they did appear in the closed beta test ahead of the game's official launch, their appearance in the full release is somewhat different. However, for those willing to seek them out, it appears that they are able to drop unique gear and augment capsules that could make them worth your time. As of the August 4 2021 update, all currently available weapons are available in the Straga series from Gigantix enemies. 

Note that before you want to even think about taking on Gigantix enemies, you'll want to level up and increase your battle power so that you're able to effectively fight these giant creatures. In order to do meaningful damage to these high-level enemies, you'll want to have reached the current level cap of 20 with your Main Class, and have a Battle Power of around 1400.


PSO2: New Genesis - how to fight Gigantix enemies

If you head to the area near the Quick Food Stand in Central City, Somua will tell you about Gigantix enemies and give you a task to encounter one titled A Formidable Enemy Looms. While this quest isn't very rewarding, it introduces the Gigantix concept, and Somua will also call out as an Operator whenever the weather conditions are ripe for a Gigantix to spawn the first time. Players undertaking this content between June 23, 2021 and July 7, 2021 will also have some Limited-Time Tasks available to them.


Gigantix only spawn in stormy weather. Note that in stormy weather, the rain will fall more diagonally than compared to normal rain, where it's just vertical. On top of that, Gigantix only spawn in Explorable Sectors -- that is, regions with a 32 player cap, like North Aelio. Once the conditions are right, you'll have a chance to see the enemy spawn.

Most Gigantix enemies are incredibly tough, and are seemingly Level 24 (besides one in Halphia Lake), meaning they have an advantage against a mob of (ideally) level 20 players. Make sure to use a Ryuker Device to find a full block of like-minded players to have a chance at taking one down. They'll despawn once the weather clears up, so you'll have to output as much damage as quick as you can while avoiding untimely deaths.

Update: It looks like Sega has adjusted the Gigantix so that they won't despawn when the storms end

Gigantix Spawn Locations

North Aelio: Malevolent Daityl Axe (Lv. 24)
West Aelio: Malevolent Varas (Lv. 24)
Central Aelio: Malevolent Nogleth (Lv. 24)
South Aelio: Malevolent Oruq (Lv. 24), Mavelvolent Nex Aelio (Lv. 24, Seasonal Only)
Halphia Lake: Malevolent Daityl Sword (Lv. 64)

New Gigantix gear and weapons

Gigantix enemies drop Straga weapons and Geant Armor. While these are 4-star gearsets, matching the current tier of equipment, they are offensively-minded gear with lots of boosts to potency at the expense of lower defenses. They also drop unique Augment Capsules:

Straga Weapons: Have the 'Berserk' Weapon Potential

  • Potency +21 / 23 / 26 / 27%
  • Damage Resistance -10 / 10 / 10 / 8%
  • Weapon Types:
    • Daityl Axe: Sword, Daggers, Knuckles, Twin Machine Guns, Bow, Wand
    • Nogleth: Sword, Wire, Rifle, Launcher, Rod
    • Oruq: Saber, Spear, Katana, Launcher, Wand
    • Varas: Saber, Twin Machine Guns, Rod, Talis
    • Nex Aelio: Any Straga Weapon

Geant Armor

  • HP -20
  • PP +10
  • All Potencies +2%
  • All Ailment Resist -50%.

C/Gigas Might I / II

  • HP +5 / 10
  • Melee Weapon Potency +1.5 / 2%

C/Gigas Precision I / II

  • HP +5 / 10
  • Ranged Weapon Potency +1.5 / 2%

C/Gigas Technique I / II

  • HP +5 / 10
  • Technique Weapon Potency +1.5 / 2%