Genshin Impact Murals: Mural locations for The Other Side of Isle and Sea

The Other Side of Isle and Sea is an optional side quest in Genshin Impact found in the Golden Apple Archipelago. This island is part of the new Klee event and when version 1.7 arrives, this island will no longer be around. So be sure to complete this side quest before then. Unlike most other quests, the murals here aren't marked in the navigation marker - you'll have to find them yourself.

To start this side quest you will need to complete the quest to gain access to the island to the very northeast corner in the map. You'll gain access to this once you hit the second act of the Midsummer Island Adventure.  Once you gain access to that location, examine the mural on that island.

Next, equip the Kamera into the item slot and take a photo of a mural you have found. This will start the questline - and from here you will need to collect all the photos to complete the quest. To do that, you'll have to find the Murals.


Your time to finish this quest is now limited, as once we get to version 1.7, it'll be rendered inaccessible. To complete the quest and get its rewards, you can use our map above to see the locations of all of the Genshin Impact murals. Beyond that map, you can also look below to see a little more granular detail on where to find every mural for the Other Side of Isle and Sea world quest. 

Mural #1 - Quest Starter


The first mural is the starting point for this side quest. You can get this by traveling to the island located in the very northeast corner of the map. Getting access to this island is part of a side quest and can be reached by following the wind currents during noontime. 

Mural #2 - Minacious Isle


This Mural is found on the opposite side of the teleport waypoint. There will be some hilichurl guarding the area. 

Mural #3 - Twinning Isle


The mural here is found in the tunnel like area below

Mural #4 - Broken Isle


This mural is found in a hidden cave just to the left of the waypoint. This requires using the harpastum tool to break a wall.

Mural #5 - West of Twinning Isle


The mural here is found on the base of the giant cliff. 

When all Murals photos have been taken, Paimon will suggest bringing the photos to a researcher in Mondstadt. Follow the quest navigation from here to complete the quest.