Monster Hunter Stories 2: Melynx Inc. Shop Locations

While a good portion of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin's gameplay loop is identical to mainline Monster Hunters - hunting monsters for their parts to craft gear, to then hunt stronger monsters - there's an extra layer to things with Melynx Inc and the Bottle Cap system.

Here, players can exchange Bottle Caps that they've either received as a reward for a completed subquest, or found in one of the game's many Everdens dotted across the overworld, for Items, gear, and more. Especially early on, the weapons and armor that you can buy from the shop will outpace most of what you could craft normally. So, it's a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind! For when the time comes to hit up Melynx Inc., here's where to find it in each key location:


Where to find Melynx Inc. in every Town

Below, find a neat and tidy little list of every Melynx Inc. store available in Monster Hunter Stories 2 - just find the cats and get to shopping!

Mahana Village


The first Melynx Inc. shop you'll be able to find is, naturally, in Mahana Village. He'll be on the southern shore just off the pier, under the shade of some trees.

Rutoh Village


For the representative in Rutoh Village, look on the second floor of the village, to the northeast. Cross the bridge heading northeast and it's impossible to miss him.

Kuan Village


This shop is probably the easiest to miss. He'll be standing in front of a lone house to the southwest, before the bridge that leads to the southern portion of the village.



Well, that was easy! You can find this shop in the same area as the other shops, including the smithy and regular shopkeep.

Nua Te Village


For this one, simply look behind the wyvernian kids in the northern part of Yoomlana's throne room.

...and there you have it, that's all of them! Despite the Felyne Shelter acting like a base, with its own facility for hatching Monstie eggs, it lacks a Melynx Inc. shop. I guess Felynes aren't super happy to have them around in their home turf? Happy hunting!

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