Monster Hunter Stories 2: X Marks the Spot quest walkthrough

In Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, side quests are pretty straight forward. Many of them involve you killing X amount of monster, using a skill Y amount of times, or go to a specific point on the map. The 3 Star sidequest line, “X Marks the Spot”, requires you to discover treasure based on a series of context clues.

After a certain story point (which we won’t spoil), a new sidequest will appear in the snowy Kuan Village. He can be found near the chief’s hut, so if he doesn’t appear right away keep checking back as you advance that area’s story arc. Eventually, you'll be able to pick up and start this quest.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 X Marks the Spot quest walkthrough & treasure locations

Once you're able to get the quest started, the quest-giving NPC's request is as follows: “I spent my youth combing the world for lost pirate treasure. You reckon you’ll find it for me? Ahahaha! If it were so easy to find, it wouldn’t still be lost!”

What isn’t immediately apparent is that despite being a 3 Star quest, you will be unable to completed it until you reach the game’s next area (which house 4 Star quests and some new Royal Monsters to hunt). However, you can start right away at finding the first location. Note that these cannot be done out of order, even though we will provide the location of the final treasure.

After receiving the first hint he provides, you’ll want to fast travel back to the Sailor’s Beach area in the Alaca Region. You’ll be looking for a shiny collectable in the south part of the beach, pictured below.


You’ll now receive your next clue.

You’ll need to find a waterfall, on Hakolo island. Specifically one at the Hapuna Falls, which is right near the North Kamuna Cape Catavan Stand fast travel point. You can find the exact location of pictured below.


Finally, there is one last clue for you to find.

You’ll need to fast travel to the Monster Research Lab Catavan Stand in the Lamure Region. Note that if you have just arrived in this region, this area will be unreachable until you clear the first set of story quests with Reverto.

The specific area you need to go to is the Zeramon Oasis. This is the only treasure spot in this quest line that is time sensitive as well, so you’ll only be able to see it after the sun sets. It doesn’t have to be exactly night like the hint implies, as long as you choose Evening when fast traveling to the area you’ll be able to find it. The exact location of the oasis and the final location of the treasure will be pictured below:


After your globe trotting adventure it’s time to revisit our lazy friend and report back on your findings! Naturally, he'll have something for you to thank you for your efforts.

Your reward for finding all these locations is: 

  • 10 Bottle Caps, useful for exchanging at the various Melynx Inc shops
  • 3 Golden Chunks
  • 5000 zenny
  • 110 experience points, and...
  • An ungrateful quest giver.

He might not be too pleased, but for all the stuff you get, you most certainly are!

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